Search for missing 5-year-old near Chicago

The boy's parents reported that the last time they saw the boy was after putting him to bed Wednesday night.
1:36 | 04/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Search for missing 5-year-old near Chicago
We turn to the search for a missing boy outside of Chicago. Police hunting for clues in that 5-year-old's disappearance, even bringing in search dogs. This morning, this young boy's mysterious disappearance has police in Illinois and the FBI searching for answers. We're just extremely worried. If anything knows anything about where Andrew Jr. Is, please, please contact the crystal lake police department. Reporter: 5-year-old Andrew Freund Jr. Known as A.J. Was last seen Wednesday night after his parents say they put him to bed. Canine units scoring the scene outside of Chicago. Officials say it appears A.J. Never left the house, canines only picking up his scent inside. Overnight police say their search is focused on the boy's home in this quiet crystal lake neighborhood. The Illinois department of family and children services telling ABC news it has been involved with the family in the past. The boy's brother has been placed in a temporary home while authorities investigate. A.j.'s mother Joanne Cunningham visibly emotional on Friday. Ms. Cunningham doesn't know what happened to A.J. And had nothing to do with the disappearance of A.J. Reporter: His father, Andrew Freund Sr., pleading for his son to return home. A.J., please come home. We love you very much. You're not in any trouble, we're just worried to death. Please, please come home. Police say there's no indication an abduction has taken place and at this point they do not believe there is a threat to the community. A lot of questions this morning. Absolutely. Awful for that family too. Thank you, Eva.

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{"duration":"1:36","description":"The boy's parents reported that the last time they saw the boy was after putting him to bed Wednesday night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62524377","title":"Search for missing 5-year-old near Chicago","url":"/GMA/News/video/search-missing-year-chicago-62524377"}