Senate passes $1.9 trillion COVID relief package

The bill must go back to the House for a final vote as millions of Americans are still awaiting financial assistance.
3:00 | 03/07/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Senate passes $1.9 trillion COVID relief package
Millions of Americans are one step closer to getting some financial help after the senate passed that $1.9 trillion covid relief package, that bill now has to go back to the house for a final vote. For the latest let's go to Mary Alice parks on capitol hill. Reporter: Good morning, Eva. Democrats are feeling really good this morning. Even former president Obama heaping praise on his former vice president. Tweeting last night that the bill helps improve the lives of families across the country and this is why elections matter. But Democrats pushed this bill through congress on their own without Republican support and they barely kept their ranks together. The bill as amended is passed. Reporter: Democratic senators applauding their final vote. And hours later, supporters clapping for president Biden, too. The end now in sight for Democrats, as they push president Biden's massive covid relief package through congress. After a narrow party-line vote in the senate, the bill now heads back to the house for final passage. Democratic leaders there confident they can get the bill signed into law this week. Biden hopeful stimulus checks for families can then go out by the end of the month. The president emotional Saturday, again making his case for the bill. Did you ever imagine in the United States of America you'd see lines literally miles long, kids, folks in their automobiles waiting for a box of food to put in their trunk. Reporter: The bill would send $1400 direct payments to millions of Americans and allocates billions more for nutrition programs, rental assistance, vaccine programs and schools. Neysa Smith, a teacher from yuma, Arizona, says she wants to use her check to buy school supplies as she gets ready to go back to the classroom in-person. The kids can't do anything about it. I spend a lot of my money on stocking up my classroom so they have school supplies. They don't have to feel like, teacher, here I am but I couldn't afford to buy anything. Reporter: Biden unable to secure even one Republican vote in the house or the senate. The GOP sticking together, arguing the bill is too much government spending and some funds are duplicative. The senate has never spent $2 trillion in a more haphazard way or through a less rigorous process. Reporter: So the house hoping to pass this bill finally early this week, Progressives there signaling they're not thrilled but okay with the compromises in the senate bill, so we're not expecting a lot of drama in the house. But this was supposed to be the easy one. President Biden had wanted Republican support and he just didn't get it, and with the rest of his agenda, legislation only gets more complicated from here.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The bill must go back to the House for a final vote as millions of Americans are still awaiting financial assistance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76305916","title":"Senate passes $1.9 trillion COVID relief package","url":"/GMA/News/video/senate-passes-19-trillion-covid-relief-package-76305916"}