Single mom almost missed out on $350M Powerball jackpot

Lerynne West, 51, a grandmother and single mother of three from Iowa, has already set up a foundation in her late grandson's name to help others.
3:26 | 11/06/18

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Transcript for Single mom almost missed out on $350M Powerball jackpot
celebrations today but also one woman in Iowa who has a lot to celebrate as well. She just revealed she's one of the winners of that nearly $700 million Powerball jackpot. ABC's T.J. Holmes is here and, T.J., this moment almost never happened. She actually misplaced that ticket at first. You're going to love this, robin. Yes, this woman, congratulations to her. Right? She says she played the lottery twice a week only when she could afford to and said the most she ever one was $150. Her average just went up considerably. She has $198 million in the bank now and it's something to see her emotionally talk about her responsibility to do good but like you said almost didn't happen because when the winning numbers were announced her ticket wasn't in her possession. In fact, she had no idea where it was. I had been extremely blessed to win this big Powerball. This will forever change my life. Reporter: Lerynne west's first act as one of the biggest lottery winners in Powerball history, quit her health care job. So currently I'm retired. Reporter: But west's celebratory stroll through confetti almost didn't happen. October 26th, it started out like most other days. Reporter: The 51-year-old grandmother and single mother of three bought her winning quick pick ticket at a local pizza shop. I got a slice of pizza and I said, oh, yeah, and can I get my lottery tickets. Reporter: She thought she put those tickets in her purse but instead she left them on the floor of her sister's truck. She says she didn't think twice about them until she heard one of the big winners was in her state. When she realized she was a winner she picked up the phone. And I said to my sister, get that ticket, get in your truck and get up here now and drive slow. Reporter: Her daughters were in a state of shock. I did not believe her. I had to call my sister and my aunt to make sure that it was real. Reporter: West opted for the lump sum of $198 million and is already set up a foundation named after her late grandsong to help others. The foundation is set up in honor of a grandson of mine who was born in April and he was born at 24 weeks and he lived for one day. And so that foundation is to honor him and to do good for others. Reporter: But there is at least one thing she says she'll splurge on. I'm going to buy a car. Currently I drive a Ford fiesta that people have just beat up when I'm not in it and it's got 142,000 miles on it and I'm going to get a car big enough that I can take all my grandchildren places now. Reporter: This was an emotional press conference. I've gotten emotional before watching lottery winners but that is usually jealousy. This time it was different. This time around to hear this woman's story and she used the word responsibility so many times, this was not about her caviar dream, right? I need -- people have helped me, my family, my friends, I have a responsibility for the money. You can congratulate her. I couldn't agree more. A lot of the past winners they've seen some of the things that have come before and know how to handle a little better. Did she have to come forward? Had to in that state. Some states, I'm not sure about the one she's in, proudly, that's my money and you line up. I'll take care of some of you.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"Lerynne West, 51, a grandmother and single mother of three from Iowa, has already set up a foundation in her late grandson's name to help others.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58993924","title":"Single mom almost missed out on $350M Powerball jackpot","url":"/GMA/News/video/single-mom-missed-350m-powerball-jackpot-58993924"}