Southern California fire threatens hundreds of homes

Authorities have arrested a suspect in the Cranston Fire that has destroyed at least five homes and burned more than 3,000 acres.
1:57 | 07/26/18

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Transcript for Southern California fire threatens hundreds of homes
Dangerous wildfires out west record heat in dry conditions are fueling the flames. And now a new one in Southern California the Cranston fire burning through thousands of acres destroying at least five homes. And threatening hundreds more ABC's will cars on the ground in mountain center California. And will they've now arrested a suspect accused of starting at. That tried to see a good morning all of this devastation could have been avoided this truck is charred this fire burning so hot. It melted the aluminum off the wheels and then checked out. What's left of this posed you can imagine the whole motor racing around his property trying to water everything down at those. Flames raced in this direction but it all just happened true quickly. The home or to the ground it's still smoldering this morning and residents are furious. Overnight at Doris arresting suspected were sent to the best movie Cranston fire exploded Wednesday. Fierce flames destroying at least five homes threatening hundreds more. It's just. Really a hard firefight out there the fire burning 4700 acres are fuel might blow dry brush. And scorching temperatures it is hot right now off hundreds and Cindy greatest that is fueling these flames up the hillside behind me right now fire crews are struggling. The jump on these flights this timber yard looking like the gates of hell this does. One of the most intense. Feelings outfit that I've ever felt that easily burning over a thousand degree it's right here in new leads sixty Lorch buyers now racing across the western United States including that Ferguson fire outside of Yosemite National Park. Forcing the park to close for the first time in 28 years. As for this fire crews still have a long way to go this fire's only 5% contained. And for that suspect witnesses say they saw the man allegedly sparking fires in this area he now faces five charges. Of arson. The city OK well thank you.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"Authorities have arrested a suspect in the Cranston Fire that has destroyed at least five homes and burned more than 3,000 acres.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56833171","title":"Southern California fire threatens hundreds of homes","url":"/GMA/News/video/southern-california-fire-threatens-hundreds-homes-56833171"}