Starbucks CEO speaks out after black men arrested

Kevin Johnson tells "GMA" the latest on the investigation into the arrest of two black men after a Starbucks employee asked them to leave a Philadelphia store.
7:14 | 04/16/18

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Transcript for Starbucks CEO speaks out after black men arrested
We're back now with bucks under fire protests, know,reaking out after black menere arrested. We'll Speith bucks' CEO in a , kevinohnson but first ABC's lindavis I in philadelphhe more protests are planned. Good morning, linsey. Orter: Good morning, robin. A few minut ago wd AUT a dozenros outde of this Starbucks heat of the driving rain, TRE now inside conducting essentily a stand-in. E video H now bn viewed Moren 9 million times. Two black men sitti at a table insidehis Starbucks and What did they do? Reporter: Outrage is bng over this viral video sng two black men escorted out O a Philadelphia starbuc handcuffs by police. WHA they do? What did theydo? Someone tell me what they They didn't do hing. Repr: Police say they were sitting at a table without makingurchase an when asked to leave they Fu that's when an employee called 911 reporting the incident as tresin witnesses including this Bussman who the real est brokers were about to meeith said T men were disinated against for being black. This idiculous. What did they get called for? Cause there are two black guyssitting here G. I sat there for an . No onesk me toer anything O leave. Ese guys were being totally calm. They never raised theiroices or made any pcal ons. They were just reg guys sitting there. Orter: But Philadelphia's police commiioner says his officers did by book. These offices did absolutely nothing wrong. They followed policy. They what they werehe to do. Reporter: Anger is BOI over on social media with the #boycottstarbucks. Comedievin hart is blaming the local branch sayin this is not a boycott Starbucks situation. This I horrible management. Thna O duty was wrong. It's that simple. Many Starbucks is now apologizing saying Teo I not representative of O starbuckion and values. The basis for the call to police was wrong. You candshouldexpect more from us. No charges have filed. Those two men have since been released andavettorneys. Thank you very . Stbucks' CEO Kevin Johnson jjolusively fm Philadelphia. Thank you very much for wng come on and speak with us thisning about something that a lot of peo saw and arescratching the heads and I knowha you have said you want to have more of an investigation so is there anythi more that you know this morning about how and why this happened? Ll, good mornin robin. You kn firf all, I'll say the circumstances surrounding the incident and the outcome in our store on Thursday were reprehensible. They were wrong. And forhat I personally apologize T the two gentlemen that visited ourstore. Now, certainly, you know,s myesponsibility T understand what happened at led to and ensure that we fix it. Has anybody asked the store mar why did they do had? I , we werealking amongst ouelves. People youee them intarbucks all the time condug biness meetings. They're not buyin any products D even we saw the piece the woman id she had been there too, hasdy asked her why E particular men did she feel C to Cal the police? Well,robin, certainly with 28,000 STO a the world, fferent reons put in some slightly drent guidelines on how they handle certain situations. Sort ofeviewing this case, the guidelines that they had placeicated a certain set of scenarios in which the police were to B called. Now,re are some scenarios where the police shoule called. If there'sts O disturbance, T be apriate times. In this case none of that occurred. It was completely iropriate to engage thepolice. Clarity and in addition to , I'd say there's training, training that we're going to do th our store managers, not ly aroundhe guidelines but training around unconscious bias. HD to those two ntlemen was wrong. Because you said in your statement a I quote here that starbuckstands firmlygainstcial profiling S youel that was the case here? Well, robin, Starbucks was built as company that creates a warm, welcoming environment for customers. That didn't happen in T case. That, I ow. And so it's my responsibilito ensure that we review everythi. We review the actions of the ore mana we review guidelines were provided and we review and invest in the aining necessary to ensure thoesn't happen again. People are wonder- That we would hold ourselves accle to. Peoe are wondering will disciplinary action taken against theemployee?, while I know it!s easy for me to say and point B to one person ins incident, you know, my resibility is to look not only to that individual but look more blyth circumstances that set thatup just to ensure that this never happens again, so those reviews are conducted ase speak I've been very focused on understanding whatguin and what training ever let this happen. What happened wasrongnd we will fix it the two gentlemen who were arrested have yet to speak puly abouts butou have made it clear that you Rea want to have a face-to-face with them toapologize. What exactly do you want T say to them, sir? Well, robin, first of Al you know, I reached out and W made contact with the representative of the two gentlemen. Anm hefult while I'm here in philadelphiave a chance to meet with them face-to-face. First, I'de to apologize to emson and I'd like to ve aialogue with them so that I can ens that we have the opportunity T really untand the situation and show some comion and empathy foe experience they went thro and finally, you know,re ING to solve this, I'd like to inve them to join me in ning a constructive way to solvis issue. Goodhearthat. Make a teachab moment. Kevin son, tnks for your time this morning F your remarks. We appreciate it very musir. Take care. Thank you. Boy, that was really something we'ven a lot of corporate ofal, L of public leaders in trouble and have T apologize. This guy did nothee, took full responsibility. Said he'oing toit. No equivion. Textbook. I know,e rarely see that frceo. He wasn't mincing words at all, not making Apolo for what Happ but justing up to it and I ally appreate whate said at the end to bring these two gentlemen in. We did ask to the twogentlemen. They have not madeny public statements but to bring them in one conversn and say how do we stop thismappening because if you watch thisvideo, a lot of thes, they were white and they were sa they didn't do anythi. But thankfully they remained calm and the police remained calm ael during this. It was powerful, powerful apology. Comipt we haveew

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{"id":54495894,"title":"Starbucks CEO speaks out after black men arrested ","duration":"7:14","description":"Kevin Johnson tells \"GMA\" the latest on the investigation into the arrest of two black men after a Starbucks employee asked them to leave a Philadelphia store.","url":"/GMA/News/video/starbucks-ceo-speaks-black-men-arrested-54495894","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}