Student activists react to Trump, Florida lawmakers on guns

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students Ryan Deitsch, Sam Zeif and Julia Cordover tell "GMA" about their experiences advocating for gun reform.
4:31 | 02/22/18

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Transcript for Student activists react to Trump, Florida lawmakers on guns
He also spoke with a teacher. Then Casey Anthony in Utah she agreed to president trump suggested. And believe teachers should be able to carry guns she cares what went her every day. Dot of carrying an a cornered protecting your students. With no options other than just standing there. Hoping nobody comes in. Just. Didn't sit right with me. I want to head that I wanted a better plan I want and more protection for makes students. And you can hear more from Casey in teeters on the other side of the debate on a special night line tonight. George K right now we're here from through the students you've seen from Stoneman Douglas high. Sam's I think Julia core Dover join the session president trump yesterday. Brian dyke was part of the group lobbying Florida State lawmakers also that town meeting last night thanks all of you. For joining us and let me begin. We view it was really moving to see you there with the president. Yesterday the idea he seemed most engaged by yesterday was this idea of arming teachers who was your reaction to that. I was in shock. I. I really couldn't believe that it. He would even think of the idea of putting that responsibility on teachers teachers need to focus and they do a great job. The focusing on molding the minds of the future or let Julianne and I. And how can you give them the responsibility. Going to school every day and not knowing if they're gonna have to kill one of their students are not and knowing that they have the option to. And Juliet that was a pretty extraordinary back and forth to the president with all all everybody in that room yesterday. Do you think he heard what you all were saying what was your response. Yes I believe that he cared Archie stories in our emotions. However I was shocked to see got the at Harare was quick response so flirty even left the White House by cost me tonight. And I do not and understand why he and IRA is not understanding. Students of our lives of their lives and everyone house. And Ryan knew you had the chance to question senator rubio last night at that town hall meeting pretty clear. That he's not gonna walk away from the NRA even though he told you you're already making a difference. Yeah definitely senator rubio did not. As cavern cascade. Plainly put it he asked if he would take the money and rubio danced around the question as politicians do. He just did not want to answer it even though the crowd knew exactly what Hussein. That he will continue to take money from an organization that has been known to help in mediating of killing innocent. Lives. Sam you know the NRA is one powerful organization. You mentioned yesterday that meeting to present industrials experience after they had a horrific. Episode of gun violence they banned semi automatic and automatic weapons and as you pointed out there hasn't been a school shooting there since. That happened but how do you respond to those who say that just can't happen here in the United States. I'd. I don't get how they can be so blind. I just don't understand. People are not coming in our school we have people with mental illnesses and our school. They're not coming in with mental illnesses and telling us they're coming in with guns and killing us. It's just plain and simple I don't I don't understand how these politicians. Who get paid to lead our country cannot see this. Julian you had a tweet last night you said this is only the beginning right now we maybe infamous for our tragedy. We'll be famous for this movement of change what specifically do you want to see. Thinking yes I am I realized that city apart plan has been pushing flag this move meant and it changed. Along with the other neighborhood school books and even brought it to the whole country that is voicing this changed because there enough is enough. We are tired of the easing innocent lives. Teen note to appear to appeared situations that are preventive. And it all starts with less guns not like guns. Has he said this is just the beginning thank you for your voices I know there's been. The week of your lives but as we said it is just the beginning until very much for your time and your voice is this morning.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students Ryan Deitsch, Sam Zeif and Julia Cordover tell \"GMA\" about their experiences advocating for gun reform. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53270229","title":"Student activists react to Trump, Florida lawmakers on guns","url":"/GMA/News/video/student-activists-react-trump-florida-lawmakers-guns-53270229"}