Student, parent recount terror of school shooting

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Connor King and his mother, Laura King, told "GMA" about the moments Connor hid in a classroom and how he was finally reunited with his parents.
4:05 | 02/15/18

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Transcript for Student, parent recount terror of school shooting
What a blow to that family. This whole community. I'm joined by Connor king and his mother Laura king. Thanks for joining us. Connor, let me start with you. You were on the top floor of the freshmen building. Tell us what you saw and heard. So, it was around 2:20 and the fire alarm rang and we were really skeptical because there was another one like earlier that day. And we had no idea what was going on so we looked over the stairs and there were -- we heard gunshots and popping sounds so everybody ran back into their classrooms. That's what you had been trained to do, get inside the classroom. Yeah. So tell us what happened inside. So, when we were inside, everybody like piled on top of each other like it was really squished together. Like I couldn't move my legs, someone had to help me get my phone out of my pocket to turn it off so it wouldn't ring. You were all down on the ground. Yes. Were you able to get the door locked. Yes. And, you know, this is so unimaginable to so many of us who haven't been in this situation. What were you all thinking and feeling as you're sitting there waiting hearing these shots outside? I thought I was going to die. Well, they were right outside of our classmany roo. I didn't know if they would knock on our door which they did. They shot around the doors. Did they shoot inside. Not in our classroom. How far away -- could you have a sense of how many shots were being fired, where he was going, what he was doing? So, when he got to the first floor, he got to the third floor pretty fast and there were about ten shots up there or so, maybe more and then he went -- he started like going a little bit further away and didn't hear him after a while. You were trying to be quiet, not a sound. Yeah. Can't imagine as a parent what this must have been like and, of course, Connor had to turn off his phone so you had no idea what was going on. No and I was work at the time. You're a nurse. I'm ray nurse and my hospital westside regional is a little further south but another director said you need to get up to parkland, your kid's school is being shot up. I didn't know if it was the middle school, I have a daughter there or the high school. I couldn't get anywhere near the school. By the time I got here it was all barricaded off and I didn't hear from him. You were starting to hear from other parents. They were texting me asking me, you know, did you find your son? Did you hear from him? Did you -- and I still hadn't heard from him and it was a long time, probably hours because -- A couple of hours. You know, it feet like hours. It could have been one, it could have been two. I'm not sure of the exact time, so, yeah, that was the hardest part. But later he told me that, you know, it was because they had -- they were so afraid they had to shut their fines off and put their phones down, so finally, you know, his father got to him before I did. He was closer. I guess he said that when the S.W.A.T. Team walked them out, they were able to turn on -- How long did it take for the police to get there. To be in the building? Yeah. To come to us took about -- we were sitting for like 30 minutes probably. Maybe less. I felt like forever is it that must have been the long ever 30 minutes of your life. Yeah, it was. When they got to the door, like they were knocking. They were telling us to open up but we weren't trained -- we're supposed to like stay back. They were supposed to have some kind of code and didn't do that so we were confused and we didn't want to go to open the door but the teacher ended up doing it. It sounds like you had incredible presence of mind and figured out how to work together to stay as safe as possible. Yeah. Have you had much chance to talk to your friends and classmates since. Yes. Since this happened. Yeah, it's all over Snapchat, Instagram, all social media so we're making sure each and every one of us is okay. Have you ever heard anything about the shooter before? No. Well, we are glad you're okay. We know how hard this has been for the entire community but thank you for sharing your time

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{"id":53108450,"title":"Student, parent recount terror of school shooting","duration":"4:05","description":"Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Connor King and his mother, Laura King, told \"GMA\" about the moments Connor hid in a classroom and how he was finally reunited with his parents.","url":"/GMA/News/video/student-parent-recount-terror-school-shooting-53108450","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}