Summer scorcher as dangerous heat wave continues

Temperatures are expected to soar well into the 90s across much of the Plains, Midwest and Northeast.
1:46 | 06/30/18

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Transcript for Summer scorcher as dangerous heat wave continues
that. A story affecting millions. A heat wave hitting huge parts of the country on this weekend before July 4th, and it's likely to stick around through the holiday. Rob out in central park tracking it all. Rob, good morning. Hey, good morning, whit. Started to get more muggy here in New York, but the heat wave has begun. Chicago, for instance, the heat index last night was near 100 degrees at midnight so the overnight low is going to be a huge issue as far as comfort and heat and humidity. As far as the heat and dry air, we had fire conditions across the west. Over 50 large fires burning across much of the country. In California we start with the Concord fire and also the Waverly fire, evacuation under way in Milton, California. Also the spring fire, 28,000 acres burned in Colorado with zero containment. So very concerned about that with no rain in the forecast for the west, especially the southwest. Heat warnings and advisories. Look at this. How many states, how many big cities under excessive heat warnings today and tomorrow meaning heat indices will be up and over 100 degrees including Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, you too as well today and builds off to the east tomorrow, Nashville, Raleigh, D.C., New York City in it as well, and some of these will be record-breaking, not just over the weekend but also into the beginning of next week potentially right through the holiday, July 4th, and in many cases not ending till the end of the week, so a long duration heat event here. The first real one of the season for many folks as we head into July now so you want to take care of yourself, your pets and certainly the elderly in your neighborhood. More on this. Guy, back inside. Be sure to stay cool and check on your neighbors over the course of the week.

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{"id":56282557,"title":"Summer scorcher as dangerous heat wave continues","duration":"1:46","description":"Temperatures are expected to soar well into the 90s across much of the Plains, Midwest and Northeast.","url":"/GMA/News/video/summer-scorcher-dangerous-heat-wave-continues-56282557","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}