Supplies sell out at retailers amid coronavirus fears

Big box stores across the country are facing long lines and more demand for products like hand sanitizer, bottled water, baby wipes and toilet paper.
5:21 | 03/05/20

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Transcript for Supplies sell out at retailers amid coronavirus fears
Back now on "Gma" with more on the coronavirus emergency. As fears of a pandemic continue to rise, people are scrambling to stock up on supplies prompting some stores to start rationing how much you can buy. Steve osunsami is outside a target in Georgia. Good morngni, Steve. Eporter: Good morning, to you, George. A for examples what's happeninat thisar get in urban Atlanta. They are O of face mask super ores like this one are selling out ofhese pructs. Online and I the stores because of the fears surrounding the coronavirus. There's a run on supplies this morning. Big box stores across the country are seeing the growing concern over the coronavirus here and the longest lines they've seen in years. I'm in panic because I went to Costco. There is no water. Pictures posted online from various cost coast and a line outside a store in Brooklyn. At this public supermarket in ft. Lauderdale they are doing double takes over this. Seeing a shopper who was either kidding or taking the coronavirus fears very seriously dressed from head to toe in a hazmat suit while getting supplies at the grocery store. End of the line for paper towels and toilet paper is here. Reporter: From coast to coast in Hawaii stores recently filled with bottled water, baby wipes and toilet paper wiped empty. We saw the masks first and hand sanitizer went a little after. I guess people are nervous about the potential spread. Reporter: One conmesur research firm says sesal of dried beans up 10%, thermometers up 47%. Hand sanitir, 73% and none of those numbers take into account sales from the last week and a half. On their website Kroger announced they will be limiting the number of sanity says, cold and flu related products to five each per order. I think that's good that they are limiting people so that people can't like gouy B the whole stored there's plenty to go around. Reporter: In a pandemic were to happen, the department of homeland security say it would be helpful to have on hand a two-week supply of water and food and theyuggest that you make sure your drug prescriptions are refilled and that you have a good supy of pain relievers, cold an cough medicines and other nonprescription items but some experts say that the run on products like bottled water and hand sanitizer might be a little overboard. You don't need to be applying the hand sanitizer every five minutes. A small bottle in your purse or poet should be fine to get you through several weeks. It's a respiratory virus. I don't see it could live in our water sulypp. You can drink the water that Y normally indrk. Some more advice from health officials is to buy foo that you would fe like eating in the event that you got si. Also if they're out of Han sanitizer, buyoap instd. Y sort of soapill be just if not more effective. Makes a lot of sense, Steve, thanks. We turn to Dr. Ashton feeling questions from viewers on social media all morning so what do you have? George, hundreds and hundreds of questions coming in to our coronavirus command center now. We'll start with shay who is asking how are people infected with coronavirus being treated and what are the protocols right now other than stay home? We really don't know at this point. This is, you know, right now if you have mild sympto, you're beinmanaged no different than Y would let's say if Y had influenza and so you want to be in touch with your health care provir if you he one. You don't you want to call your loc hospital or your local health dartment and they can instruct you on next steps. But because TRE is no treatment this point IST' Ju supportive care, rest, stay llwe hydrated and over 80%f O people who are known to be infected with coronavirus resolve and get better on their own which is really good news. The next great question, George, is from Instagram asking, can the virus get on your clothes? So whether it's clothes, money we're hearing all these question, right now that is unknown. We have no evidence that it can

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"Big box stores across the country are facing long lines and more demand for products like hand sanitizer, bottled water, baby wipes and toilet paper.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69408044","title":"Supplies sell out at retailers amid coronavirus fears","url":"/GMA/News/video/supplies-sell-retailers-amid-coronavirus-fears-69408044"}