Texas victim describes being in deadly shooting

Tenton Beazley tells "GMA" how he helped his classmates despite being shot himself while in art class at Santa Fe High School.
2:58 | 05/21/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas victim describes being in deadly shooting
So many stepping up. You're with a man who stepped up to help his classmates while the shooting was happening. That's right. I'm here with Trenton Beazley and he was in art class when the shooting began. He helped the wounded student wrap her injuries before noticing that he too had been shot. He's joining me now and thank you so much for joining me. How are you doing. Good. A little sore. A little sore. But take us to the moment that you heard the gunshots. Did you know what was going on right away? Not exactly, so what happened was we're just sitting in class, Normal day. And then we hear boom and there's a slight pause and hear boom, boom then we realize what it was. At first the first gunshot we thought it was a textbook drop. Exactly what it sounded like then boom, boom and everyone started taking off running and that's when we realized what it was. Two gunshots. You broke into a room and you and others broke into that room but the gunman soon found you. When we were going in he was running towards the door and then as I got behind the dryers I could see him running gotpoint at the door. He was playing music. You said he was playing music and taunting. Yes, sir, he was playing music, making jokes while he was doing it, had like slogans like rhymes -- What was he saying. Every time he would kill someone he would say another one bites the dust. Oh, boy. You said three kids in the room with you were killed and a young lady -- young woman was injured and you helped her out as well. Yes, sir. You helped wrap her wound. Yes, sir, she actually got hit in the face and then when that happened she hit her head on the wall and got knocked out and when she woke up she reached and grabbed me and when she grabbed me she grabbed my injury and I was biting my tongue and she says my face hurts. She was bleeding from her shoulder and her jacket was in her lap and reached over and tied a knot around her shoulder and started tying the jacket around her. You say you remember the gunman aiming the gun at you. He was -- yes, sir, he was aiming towards the door. You didn't realize until afterwards you were shot. Until after the police had came and got us. You didn't feel the gunshot. I felt something but I figured -- maybe I bumped into something, you know, just adren lynch pumping. I didn't know what it really was. Nd like I said earlier you come here and just seems like any other school in this country. Did you ever think that something like this could happen here? No, I would never think it would happen here. You see it on the news happened to other schools and it's sad until you actually end up experiencing it. Well, I tell you what, you are one brave young man and thank you for being here this morning with us and we wish you a full, speedy recovery, thank you for what you did for everybody. Yes, sir. In that closet with you. Thank you so much, and we'll go back to you. So strong fire. We'll have a lot more from Texas coming up.

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{"id":55320540,"title":"Texas victim describes being in deadly shooting","duration":"2:58","description":"Tenton Beazley tells \"GMA\" how he helped his classmates despite being shot himself while in art class at Santa Fe High School.","url":"/GMA/News/video/texas-victim-describes-deadly-shooting-55320540","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}