Tornadoes tearing through the heartland

The twisters, spawned by a severe storm system, swept across the country.
3:18 | 05/18/19

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Transcript for Tornadoes tearing through the heartland
The major severe weather outbreak. Life-threatening weather and the forecast for 90 million Americans from Texas to new York. Look at this gigantic tornado that touched down in Kansas. This is not cgi. It is 1 of at least 34 reported in 4 states so far, and this outbreak is far from over. Strong tornadoes possible today from Texas to Arkansas. And there's also significant flash flooding on tap for many other states in the path of these storms, so let's go straight to rob who is tracking it all from ft. Worth, Texas, rob, good morning. Good morning. Here in ft. Worth and the dallas-ft. Worth metroplex, we're going to get hard this morning. We're right on the western fringe of a tornado watch just to our west part of the southern flank, a very powerful system that dropped over 30 tornadoes late yesterday. Overnight a tornado outbreak from Texas to Nebraska. Dozens of twisters ripping through the plains. The images like something out of a movie. Tornado! Reporter: Watch as this tornado in Nebraska suddenly touches down and sweeps through a group of storm chasers. Strong winds whipping up debris and dust everywhere. Sirens ringing out warning residents of the danger as this twister tears through parts of town. Yeah, it's definitely building pretty good now. Reporter: And in Kansas, several tornados touching down there. This fast-moving rope tornado on the ground when this driver ends up right in the middle of it. His car surrounded by strong winds and flying debris. Look at that. Reporter: In southern Kansas watch this huge tornado on the move. The dark funnel moving right across the road. Oh, it's on the road. It knocked a semi over in the road. Reporter: Another twister knocking over this semi spinning debris all around. Shocked witnesses pulling over to help the driver as another tornado lurks in the background. Oh, no. Reporter: And then this one spinning across the road and taking aim at a home. Flying debris everywhere. In central Kansas homes and businesses damaged. The roof of this home torn off. Western Texas getting hit too. This tornado caught on camera spinning near ft. Stockton. Obviously a very active day yesterday with those damaging storms and we are just getting started. The pattern that is setting up will be persistent. Likely for the next week or so and even this morning we have a tornado watch, again, just to our west. Let's take a look at the radar and show you some of these cells developing. We had two likely tornadoes already this morning in Abilene and San Angelo. You see those clusters of thunderstorms. They'll begin to congeal over the next few hours and roll through ft. Worth and then Dallas and getting over towards Lufkin, Waco, Shreveport, little Rock as well and northern half we have energy there to get up through Des Moines and east towards St. Louis. Here is your higher risk area from Dallas to Shreveport to Little Rock. Strong tornadoes possible. Destructive winds and large hail. Looking ahead towards tomorrow, yes, it does move to the north and to the east and we're getting to some populated areas including Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Detroit, same deal. Damaging wind, large hail, maybe a lesser chance of tornadoes but certainly cannot rule that out so a huge swath of America getting into it this week and guess what, the entire pattern resets for Monday here in the plains with the potential of seeing not just large but long track destructive tornadoes Monday and Tuesday.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"The twisters, spawned by a severe storm system, swept across the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63120933","title":"Tornadoes tearing through the heartland","url":"/GMA/News/video/tornadoes-tearing-heartland-63120933"}