Trump denies campaign finance violations

The White House said President Trump "did nothing wrong" adding that his former attorney Michael Cohen's plea deal "doesn't mean that implicates the president on anything."
6:18 | 08/23/18

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Transcript for Trump denies campaign finance violations
Thank S for that. President trump facing new T after the guilt plea fromhael Cohen directly implicating him in campaign fifeloni could he be impeached? Trump took that on in brand-new interview on fox. Well, you know, I guess it sayshing likeh crimes all. I dnowow you can ich somebody who has done a great job. Bring in our senior white house corondent Cecilia Vega. Cecilia, thepresids mments will charge up T peachment bate. Eporter: They certainly will. He went on to sayl tell you what if I ever got impeached the market would crash drybody woue poor S some head-scratg comments the cleathis is front a center on HD up in the middle of the N tweeting writing no colln, rigged witch-hun at 1:10 this morninthis morning,dent trump isnce mself from S long attorney, the manld onc S he'd take a bul F him. He's been lawye for me. Didn't D deals. Did small deals, not somebody that wash me that much, you know, they make it sound L I didn't live without him. Iunderstood Michael Cohen very well. Reporter: In an interview fox news,tes after ael Cohen directly implicated president trump saying the candidate himself ordered pay hush ney to porn startormy Daniels to K her claim of an affair quiet to help his campaign. The white houseting a new L of Dee. He president Hase nothinwrong. He did nng wrong. He did nothingwrong. Nothing wrong. Repr: So we id president trump com crime? As the president said and we stated man time he did nothingong. E no chargesgainst him. And we've comnted on this ext Then why notort these payments? Just because Mel Cohen a plea deal doesn't that implicates thesident on anything. Reporter: Thelanations have been spinning. On aorce one president trump initially denied knowing anng about the payment that els. You know about the $130,000 payment tormy Daniels? No. Then -- Do you know where he Gothe money to make that payment? No, I don't know. Repore later admitted he had reimbursed Cohen and now this claim on foxnews Did you know about the payments? Leron, I knew. La on but you have to understand, what did and they were taken out of campaign nce, that's the big thing, 'such biggerthing. Rr: But lawyers say it still doesn't make iegal the money wasev disclosed. With her fal claim saying Michael N pled guilty T two ts of campaigninance violatioha are not a crime. They are indeed crime. Spelled outyal prosecutors. Can you stand and say theresident has never lied to the American peoples so many people now look BAC at that tapef him on air force one Ying, hkn nothing about these payments when, in fact, we now kne he knew everything about the payments. Hahe lie Ok, again, I think that's a ridiculous accusation. The president in this matter has done nothing wrong and T no charges against him. R: Asor his former campgn chairman Paul manafort convicted of defrauding the federal government, the esident has nothing butlove tweeting, unlike michael, he refused to break, make up storiesorder to G a deal. Such rest for a brave man. Now, the president seems be walking att fine trope when I comeso Paul manafor in this new iew. He said he didn't know H T well when, of course, P manafort rose to the highest ranks of the president' campaign R the republican national convention. Was ao asked about T possibof a pardon S he clearly seems to be gearing up one giving all his K wordr Paul manafort in wake of conviction. President'answer, I have T spect forhat he has done in terms oft he has through, so it seems he clearly not ruling one out. He didn't say yes, didn't say no on that but meantime, Cecilia, on denials of any knowledge, as you pointed out in the briefing yesterd with Sarah Sanders, it's not Michael Cohen's wos, the prosecutors devel anwful lot of contemporaneous evidence. Reporter: To these charges. This is a Dea that he Rea and the president in this new fox interview says it's called flip and almost ought to be illegal the president is clear putting blame squarely on micel Cohen, clearly try totance Ms he also said that what Michael Cohen pleadto was totally unrelated to the, these were twonts of camp violations Okay, Cecilia, ts much. Let's bring this to Matthew dowd for more and let's beginith those comments about peachment. Asts saying a campaignance violation if it were proven would actually be- could actually be a higrime and misdemeanor because it to do th the ele thatrought the president into office. Well I think the question nine or are we in a place where it' amentally chaes T dynamics, angeorge,p now they haeen unwilling to hold the presiccountable for many differentthin. Do we get to a point where the this was activity is so bad and so outrageous they fly do something, and we don't know the answer. The evidence S far is the republs are unwilling to ld the presideountable in congress. Onestionould be you alreadye some repubns Ying, eve Lindsey graham that brge too far would a pardon of Paul manafort. Predent not ruling it out. Well, W had Lindsey graham S a lot of things about Donald T andhat he was and all , very negative, he changed hi in T course of serving with the president in theast8 month, so I don't know fundamentally will change many Republicans' nds. Ultimatelybes the nor election thatggers a RESE of congress, whether it's dratsr repuans, the novem election may be the key P ahead. Okay, Matt dowd thanks very mu

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{"duration":"6:18","description":"The White House said President Trump \"did nothing wrong\" adding that his former attorney Michael Cohen's plea deal \"doesn't mean that implicates the president on anything.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57351407","title":"Trump denies campaign finance violations","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-denies-campaign-finance-violations-57351407"}