Trump directly targets 2nd Kavanaugh accuser

President Trump also called the sexual misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh a "con game being played by the Democrats."
4:35 | 09/26/18

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Transcript for Trump directly targets 2nd Kavanaugh accuser
weeginith that supreme court . Bo sides gringp for a dramaticmorrow. Judgeth and his first accuser, Christine blasey fordseto and we've now learn W republics areng in to question them. Our chief nationalondent Terry mostarts us off athe urt. Good morning, reporter: Gd morning, with one day to go before the big hearingh side pre kavanaug getting pr by the white Hou strs and his own team of lawys. Dr Christine blasey Ford has her team include veteran democratic operative,omef wh prepped hill.epublicans hired outside lawyer and president tris weighinin swing aw. D Stine Blas Ford fac laakers and the country, presidenump is fhting for his candidatessicrump fashion. This is Ang playedy democrats. Reporter: He's lashing out directly targetinghe latest classmat D Ramirez. She said sheot innd she was all messed up and shesn't know ifwas him but it might have been him. , Gee, let not a supreme court judge because O that. Reporter: Ramirez acknledged sheas drunk at a 82 party WHE she says kavanaugexposed mself clo to her face. And she says therere gaps in her memory but now she says she's certn iskanaugh. He denies the ch Democrats on capitol hill callfo FBI investigation Ander witnessesr on Thursday. What T I a search for H. Onheenate judiary tel ofhom are men outsourcedhe qng for Thursday's hearing to a womanoutside counsel. Clearly they didn't want ask T quest directly. Reporter: The lawyer who will be doing theoning, Ven arizonaex crime prosecutor Rachel Mitchell. Ihinkt's ry smart of them to get anutsidecounsel. Why? Inadvertely somebody ll do somhing that'sntense tiff. This. The STAs hfor both parties being estioned. Blasey Ford is now a icalsy Palo ao universe and expert on T invng . Kavanaugh a Yale law Grae who clerked for justice Anthony being in the administration and as a federal judge. In an attempt to prove he wasn't at that partyith blasey Rd Kavanaugh's lawyers are leasing rpts of his high frohe summer 1982 obtainedyusa Y, the show chores, out of a social events, blasey Ford's N isn't mentioned but she has sai she didn't know Kavanaugh well at the time O thelleged counter. A solose to Kavanaugh says the judge is anticipating more probing qus than those he fielded in his fox new interview Wasre you graphic souch you couldn' remember what happened the night re?no. That never happened. Reporr: Democra may ask about Kavanaugh's high school yearboage whichs filled with inside jokes that sugge a less ra life than 'S claimed including 100sor bust. A school dance, nothing more. But "The new or atom of kavaugh's former classmaid it wasartf unbstantiated boasting about theirconquests. The ins says is horrible, and untrue enlong with the nt allegations portray a vastly image than what kavanaughas plicly shared. For the last seven Y ibe coaching etball. Ask the Ms T highly detailed calendars aren't being enteredhow H wast at that party. C D to show H wasn't the drunken lout thats bee portrayed as. That part ofis case. Knowore details areging abouttorr hear thatlasey Ford will be the firststify. Reporteo time limit for her opening statements. Ll opening statemes by Rachel MI sex crimesro and by Democrats and then wi be a Brea judge naugh will come and be questiedepublicans and Democrats. A lot of people will be WATC Terry. Thanks. We talk to the attorne for

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"President Trump also called the sexual misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh a \"con game being played by the Democrats.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58090076","title":"Trump directly targets 2nd Kavanaugh accuser","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-directly-targets-2nd-kavanaugh-accuser-58090076"}