Trump faces swift backlash on Syria decision

President Trump’s decision to have U.S. forces in Syria step aside has sparked outrage among his closest allies on Capitol Hill.
3:39 | 10/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump faces swift backlash on Syria decision
But first right to the confusion growing this morning over president trump's sudden decision to withdraw U.S. Troops from a key part of Syria. The move getting backlash from both parties. This morning our chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz starts us off. She has the latest for us there in Washington. Good morning, Martha. Reporter: Good morning, robin. A U.S. Official telling me this morning that the commander of those kurdish forces who have fought and decided in the fight against ISIS sent an emotional letter to U.S. Forces saying, he knows they would not betray his soldiers. He understands it is president trump's decision alone. A decision that has blindsided the Pentagon and lawmakers would were warning of dangerous fallout. In parts of northern Syria this morning, U.S. Forces acting on orders from president trump now all but gone. We want to bring our soldiers back home. These are the endless wars. Reporter: Abandoning the kurdish allies the U.S. Has long relied on to fight ISIS, using thousands of soldiers in that fight against the caliphate. The situation on the ground coming after an extraordinary 24 hours in which president trump after a call from Turkey's president erdogan first essentially gave the green light for Turkey to launch a military operation against the kurds, American allies who erdogan considers terrorist insurgents. The white house saying, Turkey will soon be moving forward with its long-planned operation into northern Syria, United States forces having defeated the ISIS territorial caliphate will no longer be in the immediate area but the reaction at home and from the president's own party swift and furious. The president's closest ally on capitol hill, Lindsey graham, attacking trump's decision. I hope I'm making myself clear how shortsighted and irresponsible this decision is in my view. Reporter: And Mitch Mcconnell saying it would increase the risk that ISIS regroup, even former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley calling it a big mistake. Then the president seeming to change his tune tweeted this warning to Turkey. If Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off-limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the economy of Turkey. I've done it before. The department of defense also making clear where it stands saying in a statement, we do not endorse a Turkish operation in northern Syria. The U.S. Armed forces will not support or be involved in any such operation. A U.S. Official tells ABC news the biggest fear that the 11,000 ISIS prisoners that the kurds were guarding could escape and refugee camps where some children are dancing under the ISIS flag become more of a breeding ground for terrorist activity. After a day of pushback trump still appearing confident in his actions surrounding himself with the Pentagon's top brass. At some point we have to bring our people back home and that's what we're doing. That's what we're doing. Is it a firm decision, sir? It's always a firm decision. Reporter: Of course, last December, trump unexpectedly said he was pulling out all U.S. Forces in Syria, which prompted defense secretary Jim Matus to resign. Trump eventually reversed the decision leaving 1,000 troops in Syria, but a senior official says the Pentagon is now working on initial planning to pull out those troops in the next 30 days, although that could change, George.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"President Trump’s decision to have U.S. forces in Syria step aside has sparked outrage among his closest allies on Capitol Hill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66129215","title":"Trump faces swift backlash on Syria decision","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-faces-swift-backlash-syria-decision-66129215"}