Trump impeachment trial launches in Senate

A critical confrontation is shaping up between Republican and Democratic senators over whether any witnesses will be called.
3:14 | 01/17/20

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Transcript for Trump impeachment trial launches in Senate
Now to the impeachment trial of president trump officially under way in the senate. The trial will kick into high gear on Tuesday as a critical confrontation takes shape over whether they witnesses will be called. Mary Bruce has the latest on capitol hill. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, robin. In a somber ceremony the senate has now been transformed into a court of impeachment. But this morning new evidence is adding new fuel to this debate over what this trial will look like and whether it will include any additional witnesses. This morning, the impeachment trial of president Donald Trump now under way. On the part of the house will be received and escorted to the well of the senate. Reporter: In a solemn ceremony seen just twice before in American history nearly all 100 senators sitting quietly. Hear ye, hear ye. All are xhaptsed to keep silent on pain of imprisonment. Do you solemnly swear that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of Donald John trump now pending you will do impartial justice according to the constitution and laws so help you god. All: I do. Reporter: One by one every senator signing that pledge. Starting next week like jurors they will review the evidence and consider the charges that president trump abused his office and obstructed congress. Donald J. Trump, president of the United States, is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. Reporter: Still unknown if Democrats can muster enough support to call additional witnesses. Several Republicans now say they are interested in hearing new testimony. Republican senator Susan Collins saying, I tend to believe having additional information would be helpful. It is likely that I would support a motion to call witnesses. Democrats also want to introduce new evidence like the explosive allegations from lev parnas, an associate of the president's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. Parnas says the two worked together to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and that the president knew about all of it. It was all about 2020, to make sure he had another four years. That was the way everybody viewed it. Reporter: Yesterday in the oval office the president insisted he doesn't know parnas. I don't know him. Perhaps he is a fine man. Perhaps he not. I know nothing about him. Reporter: This video released by parnas' attorney shows the two together in mar-a-lago. The president insists he did nothing wrong and Republicans are argued trump committed no crime but a new report from a government watchdog says that's not the case. They concluded that the white house did break the law by withholding military aid from Ukraine. Writing, faithful execution of the law does not permit the president to substitute his own policy priorities for those that congress has enacted into law. Now, Democrats say that watchdog report only boosts their case and their calls for new witnesses and additional evidence. The white house, though, not surprisingly says they disagree with the opinion that the president broke the law. Now, the trial will reconvene on Tuesday and, George, just the opening statements could take days. Yeah, we're not even sure if opening statements will be on Tuesday. Let's bring in Terry Moran for

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"A critical confrontation is shaping up between Republican and Democratic senators over whether any witnesses will be called.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68350101","title":"Trump impeachment trial launches in Senate","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-impeachment-trial-launches-senate-68350101"}