Trump promising not to enforce nondisclosure agreement against Stormy Daniels

The president has decided not impose the $130,000 nondisclosure agreement signed by Stormy Daniels for her silence weeks before the 2016 election.
5:29 | 09/09/18

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Transcript for Trump promising not to enforce nondisclosure agreement against Stormy Daniels
Patrick, thank In the meantime,t to. Turning now to presint trump did willot attempt enforce nondisclosure agreement blockingrn star my danielsroing details of her allegedair him. This comes after Michael coheled a simir Noce and tarlmeri is at the white house with more. Go morning, ra. Reporter: Good morn and it. But now 'S exactlyhat he's doing. Wainay from that infamous hush agreement that hadogged hiitr months. Ovnient trump in a rare move G M a legattle with rn star stormy Daniels, promising not to enfoe a $130,0 nsclosure former silence about their ald . Followine his former lawyer and longtime fixer Michael Cohen wn Friday offered tor up the N. While manding shpay him back the $130,000, something her lawyer Michael avenatti says won't happen. I tnk they both know that the ose Ising a the prospe of me getting that deposition, T depositions of Michael Cohen Donald Trump has expan iay. Reporter: Last month Cohen pled guilty to eight felony E campaign finance violation for the $130,000 payment to Daniels exceeding E maximum ntribution Cohen said in court papers he arranged the hush payment just ekre the election in coordination at the direction of then candidate trump. Deittogether for ov a decade, C willingness to cooperate with prosecutors creating a R between the two. I d'tat happened to him. A fee wasn't telling all these LI a few mohs I didn't know he was aye tape recorded his ient's sects Repr: Claing theuit to cover for trump tweeting Michael hen is bacto playing games D trying to protect Donald Trump. We're going to keepswinging and I amconfent, and we're ING to puthiesrial one way or the other, period. Rter: Whilehe presi ma backing down from one fight, he will be up another, going head-to-ad with former esama back on the il for a sond day in a rowith another anti-Trump message. Ta Palmeri repoin from thete house. Thank you. A lot to disss this morn L brin ABC news chief anchor George stephaho will be hosting "This we Good morning. How are you? Let's start with president Obama back on the stump as Tara reported. Do you think it'genuine political threat to donarump or just the kind of foil the presid I think bank it's prey unusual see a former president come out in the Mims, call O tan in the office . Pretty harsh termsfriday in linois andaturday in californ. And there's no question, I think, THA especially in E district those blue districts, several of them in cafornia wdo a lot to energize thdemocratic base, get them out. They're already fired up as it E question is, will he also fire up the Republican bashas dpublicans an give them, as say, give esident trp foil? I think he's likely to do more good for dear in tho house rac. The te, less car. You have a live exclusiorning, George papadopoulos, one-time foreign policy adviser to the trump mpaign. He was just sentenced the they ys in prison for lying to the FBI in the ru probe. What are tig question for him? Well, remember who GE papadopoulos is. He's T act action into Russian interinterference. He was told by som connected tosian intelgence Abou Ed hillarylis an G information to ania diplomat to the grforeign minister. That's what set off the FBI E in the fst place a then when he was queioned bi back inanry 2017, he lied ouit which is why he's going to prison. Right now he can tus inside ler investio C inside thtr campaign. Te us what did to set up a try to S ug between president trump Vladimir Putin D he's theirst person ntenced inhis entire investigation. The first person wan come out antalk about WHA was like to encounter Mueller's team. Finally, we're heading into another biek here, T N book bbob Woodward comes out called." It see like is already yes, itasecause af itas been leaked. Filled with allegations of them in thwest wing and top of this anonymous op-ed in "The New York Times do the stories chain minds ent just B I I do think ey have the potential change mis. What we're seeing here is pretty extraordinary. Wh take thos the essay D the Bob woodwa bookog it paints the picture of a resistance inside tho who believe he's incurious, dishonest and dangerous and they have to take extranameo stop him.weseen anything like that qualify. George EP, thank you very much. Thank you. Ood luck with that big inrview and GE has a B show this morning including as wee first live interview with George papaos plus the powerhouse roundtable debating an unusually busy week ea bur standards in American politics.ll cg up o"this George, K you. Hanks, guy We'reertainly gting ready and used to a lot going

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"The president has decided not impose the $130,000 nondisclosure agreement signed by Stormy Daniels for her silence weeks before the 2016 election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57705345","title":"Trump promising not to enforce nondisclosure agreement against Stormy Daniels","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-promising-enforce-nondisclosure-agreement-stormy-daniels-57705345"}