Trump skips White House correspondents' dinner for the second time

The president held a campaign-style rally as White House staffers got roasted at the annual correspondents' dinner.
3:57 | 04/29/18

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Transcript for Trump skips White House correspondents' dinner for the second time
The dueling events over night journalists celebrities and political pros gathering in Washington for the white house correspondents' dinner while president trump. They'll have an effect counter programming. He certainly did he skipped the event for the second here in a row instead. Traveling to a very different Washington Washington Michigan which is just north of Detroit some supporters there. Calling for the president to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for the apparent progress towards peace that we've seen. In North Korea in recent days. Can the dinner in Washington DC a much less hospitable environments some of the jokes quite harsh. You can see the awkward looks on the face of the White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders ABC's John Carl is right there next to her already hear from him. His observations in a moment we start here that would ABC's terror on Larry who's in Washington covering both events tarragon morning. Do you good morning Dan Paulette it's been a tradition since Calvin Coolidge for the president to attend the White House correspondents dinner. But president Chavez's own tradition of skipping it and it was probably for the best because the comedian Michelle wolf was brutal. Taking shots the president and his staff did not seem amused. Welcome to the White House correspondents dinner it's a tale of two Washington's. As hundreds of journalists and White House staffers gathered in Washington ballroom. President John was back on the trail. Or. Giving BC's biggest media event for the second year in a row to rally with his supporters. I was invited. Oh another event tonight the White House correspondents. Dinner. But I'd much rather be at Washington Michigan that it life. Which runs administration was in attendance Press Secretary Sarah Sanders in Kellyanne Conway making an appearance following the room while the president and his top staffers were Rhodes does fat. And they season that. Asked to create a perfect monkey act. Like maybe she's born and that. Maybe it's lagged. Brennan and I. Comedian Michelle wolf getting personal. Imagery Bob in the one. Kellyanne under that tree. Anger I Levy is aunt Lydia and they handmade tail and. And drawing criticism. Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer calling it a disgrace in Michigan the president calling event only. These people they hate you guys she got an N observers and snubbing the media and calling out Democrats that Democrats. Don't care about our military they don't. They don't care and they don't care about our borders. And I don't think they care much about crime. Going out democratic senator Jon Tester for opposing White House physician Ronnie Jackson's nomination for VA secretary well. I know things about tester then I could say to. And if I set. Never be elected again and not missing a chance to take a shot at former FBI director James Komi companies allied air and a the president urged his supporters to vote in the upcoming midterm elections need to elect more Republicans that we can protect our cities defend their borders. Grow our economy. President troubles are criticizing media coverage of Kim Jong lose historic meeting with south green president moon there is saying. What do you think. President trump had to do it that you what I like how about everything. And his supporters. Seeming to agree. Already chanting burn Nobel Peace Prize. Nobel. President Tom gave a timeline for the summit at the rally he's there would likely happen in the next three to four weeks. The location is yet to be sad but president Chavez already tempering expectations he said he be willing to walk if North Korea doesn't agree to do need her eyes. Dan olive it does sound like he likes the the ring of Nobel peace Linda and Sara thank you very much Aaron primary in Washington.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"The president held a campaign-style rally as White House staffers got roasted at the annual correspondents' dinner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54810075","title":"Trump skips White House correspondents' dinner for the second time","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-skips-white-house-correspondents-dinner-time-54810075"}