Trump sounds off on Russia investigation, Iran and Korean peninsula

The president has taken credit for historic peace talks between North and South Korea.
4:26 | 04/28/18

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Transcript for Trump sounds off on Russia investigation, Iran and Korean peninsula
President trump. Taking a victory lap of his own after that historic summit on Friday. And in advance of his own meeting as we just mentioned Richard Jones. Yeah also had a lot to say about the Russian investigation Andrew M a new report from house Republicans ABC's Pierre Paul Mary joins us now from Washington. Terry good morning see you. Good morning Dan and -- that's right it was a week of highs and lows for president trump. While its top pick to lead the DA doctor Ronnie Jackson hacked to withdraw his name amid embarrassing allegations. He saw secretary of state mop Mike Pompeo confirmed. And then he was able to take a victory lap for his high pressure campaign against North Korea. And pursued president trump taking a battle for the historic agreement struck between the leaders of north and South Korea. Working toward an end to their decades long conflict. I think we have a responsibility. I think the president should have done. President taking on the challenge he nuclear Isaac Korean Peninsula and bring peace a solution unreachable for the past sixty years. And that upcoming meeting with the North Korean dictator I look forward to our meeting. Should be quite something. At the same time signaling that he's ready to break the Iran nuclear deal. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Manuel McCall where I'm Washington this week trying to salvage the court. Before the may twelfth deadline to pull out. I think we'll be talking about Iran probably but I don't necessarily expect it one way the other. While sending mixed signals on foreign policy president I'm endorsed a heavily redacted report from the House Intelligence Committee stating that there's no evidence of campaign collusion with the Russians during the 2016 election. Where were honored it was a great report no collusion which I knew anyway no coordination no nothing. But Democrats on the committee are calling the report fundamentally flawed as special counsel Robert Mueller stroke and the senate Intel committee's investigation are still ongoing. Instead of attending the white house correspondents' dinner tonight president temple had to Michigan. For our rally it's his second time skipping the annual dinner and in fact last year in Pennsylvania he said he couldn't be happier being a hundred miles away from the press. But here many of his top officials plan to a patent. Dan Pollock. The president doing that what he knows best counter programming thing. After I can't counter programming Tara thank you very much let's check in now we ABC news political analyst Matthew Dowd who I'm sure as a lot to say about all of the forgoing Matthew good morning let's talk about first in this in tad this House Intelligence Committee report claiming no collusion between teen trapped in Russia. Given that there are still investigation going on in the senate and then of course the special prosecutor Robert Mueller how impact will do you think this house report it. Very little I think we're in this time and I've said this before weren't like this trench warfare time of World War I were not being very little good changes. And as you said a minute ago about the tribalism that exists in this country we can't even have a unified report put out by a house committee that both the Democrats and the Republicans agree either Republicans put out this report. The Democrats put up their own report I think it goes in the middle of this whole mix. Where the Republicans the GOP takes the GOP report uses it. As a bat the Democrats seize theirs is a bat and basically the American public is waiting. On what happens with the Mahler investigation as that arbiter of what's really going on. And we witnessed something extraordinary I'm capital that we want to set it up because we have mentioning yes this morning but the house chaplain father Conroy was fired. By speaker Ryan fodder Conway believes it's because of a specific prayer. A back in November when she prayed for lawmakers to keep in mind. Economic inequities and disparities when it came to tax reform now speaker Wright is claiming the termination was due to complaints about past oral care but is this. Potentially damaging to the Republican Party we don't see things like this happen. No and I think when you look at he's the jesuit priest and his mistress for call that the Pope is was actually a jesuit in in this. In end speaker Ryan is Catholic in the middle of this I think what it does is is probably doesn't change the dynamics for the elections with Catholic voters. But what it does is it underlines a level of hypocrisy I think. That has grown among Republican leaders. On faith and family they have a tendency to quote the Bible and religion his or her as regards social issues. And ignore much of the Bible as regards poverty and that most vulnerable in our society and I think this underlies that ski ism. That their ability to talk about faith. In a way that seems clear and independent is no longer I think possible on I think that's the vulnerability the Republicans have charismatic want to thank you for joining us.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"The president has taken credit for historic peace talks between North and South Korea.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54799853","title":"Trump sounds off on Russia investigation, Iran and Korean peninsula","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-sounds-off-russia-investigation-iran-korean-peninsula-54799853"}