US, France and Britain launch missile strikes on Syrian weapons facilities

The airstrikes, targeting and destroying three chemical weapons facilities, were ordered in response to another suspected chemical attack in Syria.
14:01 | 04/14/18

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Transcript for US, France and Britain launch missile strikes on Syrian weapons facilities
vernment by the hands of the S. And its allies. Esident ordered the S, and last night addressed the nationas well. All of this response to last weekend's suspecchemical attack in Syria morning. New video of the damage left behind. Good morning, I'm Michelle Charlesworth. Esputaal finnelson. Russian president Vladimir ma??a tin has called for an emergency meeting of united nation Overnight the Russian miliclaimed the Syrian air defense shot down 71 out of the 103 cruise missiles that were Lach by ths. And its allies. Ria contins to dethey used chcal ons on their own people. Stmedia there are calling the air strikes a cowardly attack. All of ia sigue nno quethis happening our ti eauntil in the evening last night. Usaran rmas qu??micas en supresidentrump addressed the country. Had been anticipate it for several days and fiy they pulled gelast night. Syria denying the impact here, showing president Assad casu walk intohe his office with a briefcase. The second strike of th administration against Syria responds to a chemical attack. Of course we H coverage. We want to right now with ABC's Molly hunter Lin London witthe very latest on what is happening in Syria. Orter: He has doit in a very limited and ific way. Overnight, president tr finally launching air strikes en ongside the French and British, targeting the government A short time ago, I the United States armed forces to launch precision strikes targets associated chemical weapons capabilities of Syrian dictator bashar Al Assad. Te after threatening to so all week, the U.S. Used doublthe number of weapons. The Syrian governme respond shooting antiaircraft missiles above the capital of the britime minister sa may making at uncement weeks later. These deterrthe barbaric use of chemical weapo Reporter: This video Ed women and children frothing at the mouth, strugg to breathe. These are not the actions of a they are crimes of a monster instead. Reportethat man, president bashar Assad untouched this morning eeng video of hlf walk into the his office with a briefcase. With a caption, ga and across the Assad strong hold of scus, cebrations. We are not scared of the erican missiles, he says humiliated itmissiles last night's strike a one off according to the U.S. Secret of defense James Mattis. But he left the door open for more. Reporteay we are watching Russia. Vladimirin said it act aggression and he is calling R an emergency council meet sna you can imagine this morning, reaction pouring in froall overthe world and herelocally. The NYPD is making suits presence ilt in key cations across the CI Marcus Solis is joinve from outside the leaders will be meeting about Syria later this morni Reporter: You meioned the reaction from ??sthe Russians. They labeled it stus and R ins, the U.S. -- Trerous aninsane, the u.s.esidentshar aaaction. The NYPD has ped up gra security outside the Syrian mission to the united nation cers with heavy weekends, stanguard in front. One of tariothe S that thnypd creased security throughout the city spea O Putin do Q Laun, Russia has deced u.air strikes. Vladimir Putin is calling an emergency meethere at the united nations the security council. Different reaction local les, chuck Schumer tweeting this is approte but the administration has to be careful T not getting us into a taungreaand more involved war in Syria. A sentiment, echoed by Violence is never the to anything. War is never the answer. Shooting, ping bombs is Reporter: Now the NYPD says that there is no nexus to new yoit and threat to the city. Nehe counterteorism officers been throughout key locations out an abundance of caution. Marcus, thank you so much. For years have fle Syria as the civil war has raged on. Peopleh ties to syrisay the image devastating. Th worried air strikes D cause more problems fo their ved ones overseas. Part of me is ha a missdon't have eyes. There is a lot part of is not happy. Reporter: Like many area, the owner of Dar 525 restaurant in williamsburg says S thoughts and prayers E with ose simply hoping for peace. We will bring you new velopments on the Syria strikes as they coin. A livebriefing is schedule for at the and you can read more at c7ny. Now Y we will change tunes a LE. Back here at home, people are loving the weather. Yesterday perfect. Y is going be great. Even better. Enjoy it whyou can. Justease. Every party has a that is Amy freeze Reporter: That's right. It is going toagain today. Is the lay of this ac we Ang to see a major change nd half of the -- I for the second Hof weekend. If you a tee time, this forecast is going to show major changecoming 66 deg right now, temperatures mainly in the 60s. Benson Hurst coming in at 52 and whitestone comingin at 58 degrees. The closer south reporting stations are going to be cooler than para laeveryone else today, because of the south wind. Lo for a warm-up and we wait for this cold F. As early as this evening the erature drop will begin. Temperaturust in 40s, so a high today of 80 degrees. Then a major change coming. Moetails on this and the work week ahead and the accu- weather day. Local news to get through this morning in Brooklyn several people were hurt, including a sml child, after a car plow pedestrians. Cars colliat the intersection of and surrogate road. Onthe cars plowing into pedestrians who were just there, waiting a bus. Witnesses teus out control cawas speed I heard a loud by the time I turned around, I thought it was going to flip it downon itde. Epfour people in in the hospital, including two in cral cdition. Also flattwo people were include woman from her and a teenage the woman was shot in the cheek. 19-grazed in the head. Both victims' inju are very serious but not life- threatening injuri one person was taken into C E custod wit shooting in thn??tae. Coli outbreak, the CDC us th outbreak that has made 35 people sick in 11 states is linked to lettuce N in ariz 22 people have gone to the hospital, including three with kidneylu nersey has seen S, New York and nnecticut, two ea throw out any chopped romaine lettucfrom the yuma, ariz Coming up on eyewitness news. Fired FBI director James Comey ING out what can only be described as his bomb hell you? Book. Up next, what he has to say con out president trump in his sit down stephanopolous. And the president's personorney is locked now, in a battle, with prosecs over materials that were szeduring those FBI raids. Des, next. Skies this Saturday are looking good over the boroughs. Changes Ng for the second half of the weekend. A high today 80 dedegrees, mild with suns baand mst?we'll take the temperatures back down into as early as tomorrow it is a major temperature drop that will es cerrado N lla When you have amazing internet,you can stream amazing shows. And Fiives you the fastest internet available for just $79.99 a month with a two year agreement, plus you get one year of Netflixon us. So dt wait to get Fios gigabit connection on the 100% fiber-optic network, so you can stream on up to 100 devices at once. Hurry offer ends soon, so getthe fastest internvailable, plus Netflix, up to 250channels, plus phone, plus a two-year price an All for just $79.99 per month. Hurry, this offer enpril 18th. Go totf to switc Toda Hey, what are you guys doing here? Retint. So you'll still be here to help me smart choice Well, with your finances that is. We had nothio do with tie. Voya. Helpyou to and throuretirement. We continue to breaking news as. The U.S. And its Ales have launched mle strikes in Syria. New viin, Syrian police surveying the damage. Reportedly more than 100 missiles fired at chemic Wes sites in Syria. And ntruthful slime ball. That is exactly the president debed FBI director James Comey, as Comey, of course, release his new all book. While sitting dowithgeorge stephanopolous, Comey fired E man who fired him. The long timad of the FBI hocking relations about things allegedly said byesident trp right there in E oval office. Said if there is even chance my wife thinks that ise, that is terrible. And I mber thng how could your wife think there was a chance you despacho oval. Prostitutes peeingon each other other in Moscow? The pdent tweeted James Mey is a liar. It was my great honor to fire James Comey. The president alaccud him of classified

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{"duration":"14:01","description":"The airstrikes, targeting and destroying three chemical weapons facilities, were ordered in response to another suspected chemical attack in Syria.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54466375","title":"US, France and Britain launch missile strikes on Syrian weapons facilities","url":"/GMA/News/video/us-france-britain-launch-missile-strikes-syrian-weapons-54466375"}