US men triumph over the Swedes to win first gold medal in curling

Also a one-on-one with skiing star Lindsey Vonn who talks about plans for her future.
3:43 | 02/24/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US men triumph over the Swedes to win first gold medal in curling
That is the Duluth curling club reacting to an amazing win at the olympics. You can hear them chanting usa. Curlers know how to party, don't they? We want you -- I don't know about curling but I know they know how to party. It's the brush, the stroking, the hammering. Something like that the medal count, ABC's Matt Gutman joins us this morning from pyeongchang where there is a trump in the house. Good morning to you, Matt. Reporter: Hey, good morning, Paula. And that trump is Ivanka Trump. Now, she's here for the olympics, she was here to cheer on the American team and to watch them make history. The intricacies of curling to feel the electricity in that areasonna. The crowd going absol wild but she was also here to do some business. The president's daughter and adviser here to update the south Korean president on what those new sanctions are against north Korea which we are told are the toughest yet. This morning we are learning those economic sanctions could also bear the threat of conflict with a naval blockcade considered if North Korea breaks the sanctions. Anybody consider that an act of war, there would be a confrontation likely if that happens. This is something that the whole world is watching and certainly one that the president is watching, that's why we've imposed the largest number of sanctions ever on North Korea. Reporter: Sanders said ivanka Trump would not interact with north Koreans but did attend events including the curling gold medal match. Ivanka Trump right there cheering own holding little Luke Shuster. His dad the team skipper B John, leading a ragtag squad of Americans past heavily favored Sweden. Schuster had been ousted from the sport after the last olympics but clawed back and he did the same today. Breaking a tie with a double knockout in eighth end to seal the gold for the U.S. It's the first gold for the U.S. In the history of the sport. Ivanka also there for the snowboard big air competition. The U.S. Delegation watching American Kyle Mack flip and soar onto the medal stand and a silver medal. Many of the American olympic medalists will visit the white house but at least one will not. If the president invites medalists to the white house, would you go now? I think I've already made my stance pretty clear. That's a no. Yeah. Reporter: Lindsey vonn arguably the greatest skier of all time. Down goes vonn. Took home a bronze in the downhill. In her long careerhe's broken records and learned almost everything else. Broken thumb, broken pinkie, broken wrist, broken ankle and I have a rod in my arm. When you wake up what does it take to like get yourself standing upright. That's the hard part. That's why right now I don't -- I can't say that I'm going to be able to compete in four years at the next olympics because it takes so much for me to be able to function. Now, you know, it's like everything revolves around getting my knee to stop, snap, crackle and popping. She told us she's proud of what she's been able to accomplish and gave everything she had in those events and she did leave the door open just a crack for a comeback in the next winter games in 2022. She'll be 37 years old. She says if her body holds out. Now, the U.S. Has 23 medals but isn't likely to win any more in the games which means that we'll have to leave you with what we like to call the mira-curl on ice. We're proud of her and proud of you, Matt. Great job. Thank you, Matt. Really appreciate it. She's been amazing. We'll forgive you to the pun. Coming up, speaking of olympics

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Also a one-on-one with skiing star Lindsey Vonn who talks about plans for her future.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53328124","title":"US men triumph over the Swedes to win first gold medal in curling","url":"/GMA/News/video/us-men-triumph-swedes-win-gold-medal-curling-53328124"}