US snowboarder Chloe Kim wins half-pipe Olympic gold medal

Kim, 17, the third American snowboarder to win gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics, was joined on the podium by teammate Arielle Gold, who won bronze.
4:22 | 02/13/18

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Transcript for US snowboarder Chloe Kim wins half-pipe Olympic gold medal
Thanks, Tom. To the olympics, team usa adding more gold this morning with that incredible performance by Chloe Kim. Two-time olympic champion Shaun white looking to match her and he's out for redemption after the last olympics. Amy is there for it all and good morning to you, Amy. And Amy spoke with Chloe after that near perfect run. Is that right? That is completely right, Michael. You know what, it was perfection to those of us watching. I braved the frigid temperatures today to watch Chloe Kim dominate the halfpipe and told me it isn't about the points or final score but about the sport. At 17 years young Kim proving to the world today that she is the very best. Meet team usa's new golden girl. Chloe Kim, your olympic champion. Reporter: Snowboarder Chloe Kim spinning her way to gold in the women's halfpipe. Now the third American snowboarder to fly into the top spot this winter games. A daring debut for the 17-year-old who was too young to qualify for Sochi. The native californian wasted no time showing she's snowboarding royalty. The overwhelming favorite, this team from Torrance, showing little sign of nerves with Kim's dad cheering her on with this ho homemade sign and while waiting to hit this nearly perfect final run taking to Twitter writing wish I finished my breakfast sandwich but my stubborn sel decided not to and now I'm getting hangry. She showed her love for chur rows and ice cream and sharing a pre-olympics pizza run. I am glad I got pizza into a system and a latte and feeling good ready to go. Reporter: All business when it mattered most saving the best for last pulling out back-to-back 1080s. You were in this unique position of knowing no matter what you did on that last run you were winning the gold so tell me what was going through your mind? Just knowing that I had won the gold medal was insane. I'd hate to go home with a gold medal knowing that I could have done better so I think that the adrenaline was just for myself. Reporter: And Arielle gold adding more hardware for the U.S. By winning bronze in the same event. Even conquering the halfpipe with a dislocated shoulder. Gold got hurt in her training run in Sochi and didn't get to compete. The 21-year-old has been working with a sports psychologist to get her mind right. Just made me that up stronger coming into this olympics and it definitely set the bar. I'm just super grateful to have been able to earn a medal here. Reporter: Just hours later snowboarder superstar Shaun white starting off with a monster performance in his fourth olympics debut looking to bounce back after placing fourth in Sochi. And the two-time gold medalist making a remarkable comeback after suffering this scary injury last fall requiring 62 stitches. I spoke to Shaun before the opening ceremony. I'm telling myself I'm going to be fine and step out knowing dangers and it's intimidating but yet that's what it's all about. It's like overcoming those fear and odds. Reporter: They're practicing for closing ceremonies behind me complete with fireworks so you can enjoy that right now. In the meantime, a big part of the halfpipe competition is the music they blast during each run and Shaun told me in his super bowl ad this year they played black sabbath "Iron man" underneath his snowboarding and watching it got him pumped so he'll ask officials to play that song tomorrow when he competes. So let's take a look at the medal count. Team usa still in the top five with three gold medals, one silver and two bronze medals. Norway, though, till in the lead with a total of nine medals, two of them gold. Michael. And, Amy, another American star that's competing Shani Davis. What's going on with him? That's right. Speed skater Shani Davis competing in the 1500-meter. Started off tropg but did fall behind and he is not going home with a medal in this event. You may remember, of course, Davis facing some backlash before the opening ceremony after tweeting about losing the coin toss to Erin Hamlin over who would carry the flag. Davis does have one more event left, the 1000-meter and that happens later this week. Guys. Good luck to him in that and thank you so much, Amy. We will have Moreb with Amy. Right now the latest on the

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{"id":53040840,"title":"US snowboarder Chloe Kim wins half-pipe Olympic gold medal","duration":"4:22","description":"Kim, 17, the third American snowboarder to win gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics, was joined on the podium by teammate Arielle Gold, who won bronze.","url":"/GMA/News/video/us-snowboarder-chloe-kim-wins-half-pipe-olympic-53040840","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}