US women squeak out win over Spain

The U.S. narrowly defeated Spain 2-1, with both goals from Megan Rapinoe, and now move on to the World Cup quarterfinals.
2:06 | 06/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US women squeak out win over Spain
Now to the close call at the world cup. The U.S. Women's national team pulled off a down to the wire win against Spain. Will reeve has all the detail. Now the women's world cup has truly begun. The U.S. Women's national team, they cruised through the opening three rounds -- opening three matches of the first round but got their first taste of adversity in the knockout stage facing elimination. A veteran brought them through in dramatic fashion. Give and go. Rapinoe, low shot wide. Reporter: For the first time in the world cup the U.S. Women faced a test. With midfielder Megan rapinoe emerging as the team's hero in a hard fought nail-biter against Spain. Really important work by Megan rapinoe. Given the usa everything they can handle and then some. Reporter: Rapinoe, the 33-year-old from Redding, California, putting the red, white and blue on her back scoring two goals on penalty kicks. Rapinoe's shot goes and U.S. Leads. Reporter: The first just minutes into the match. Almost immediately Spain responded. The first goal conceded by the U.S. All tournament turning the second half into a do or die fight. First time usa has faced any kind of adversity at all in this world cup. Reporter: A controversial late foul by Spain confirmed by video review put rapinoe back on the spot. Rapinoe scores! Reporter: Rapinoe, a co-captain and one of the oldest players on the team delivering the winning goal for the U.S. And joy to the fans swept up in world cup fever, Spain defeated. This group of schoolchildren in the bronx erupting in cheers in a video from bleacher report as the U.S. Locked in the win. Host nation France awaits the U.S. In the quarterfinals on Friday as American fans travel halfway around the world to support their team. The U.S. Is going to the -- Whoever is out there will need to bring their "A" game. France is a favorite to win the whole thing. If it were easy anyone could do it. You might. Thank you, will. A lot of other news including the latest in that

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"The U.S. narrowly defeated Spain 2-1, with both goals from Megan Rapinoe, and now move on to the World Cup quarterfinals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63927173","title":"US women squeak out win over Spain","url":"/GMA/News/video/us-women-squeak-win-spain-63927173"}