2 vaping-related deaths reported in Minnesota

The two new deaths bring the total across the country to more than two dozen deaths as the makers of e-cigarette products are under pressure.
2:19 | 10/17/19

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Transcript for 2 vaping-related deaths reported in Minnesota
We hope they can come to an agreement quickly. Two new deaths in Minnesota bring the nationwide total up and our young people, quote, don't stand a chance against these cigarette products, one said. We're continuing to see them. 31 deaths and according to the CDC, one expert telling congress e-cigarettes have led to behavior she's never seen before describing patients with intense nicotine addiction. Dr. Suzanne Tanski with a shocking testimony before In speaking with my patients they admit they are indeed vaping throughout the not. Something I have not seen. Reporter: Testifying that a number of teenage patients admit they can't go more than a few hours without vaping. She blames their addiction on high levels of nicotine in vape pens and e-cigarette products. Our adolescents simply don't have a chance. Reporter: This as public health officials report there are nearly 1300 probable or confirmed injuries related to vaing in 49 states and at least 31 vaping-related deaths in 22 states. Health officials have still not indicated any particular product or device as the source of the health crisis. The family of 18-year-old Daniel Wakefield believes their son was a victim of e-cigarette addiction. His mother Lisa Marie filing a lawsuit against Juul after she says her son's death last year was caused by injuries from overusing Juul products. A medical examiner attributed Wakefield's death to natural causes. According to her attorney Wakefield had asthma but was overall a healthy teen. She says his mother wants Juul to be held accountable claiming Juul was the only product he Juul has successfully addicted a new generation of Reporter: Juul has not responded to ABC news' request for comment but a doctor with the CDC says it will be a horrible winter with lung injuries and the flu so she's urging doctors to be prepared to screen and potentially treat for both. When you hear that there are people waking up in the middle of the night to vape, lets you know how bad this is. An epidemic. Okay, janai, thanks very In our next hour we'll have more on how one doctor is using delegate to alert kids to the dangers of vaping.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"The two new deaths bring the total across the country to more than two dozen deaths as the makers of e-cigarette products are under pressure.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66339520","title":"2 vaping-related deaths reported in Minnesota","url":"/GMA/News/video/vaping-related-deaths-reported-minnesota-66339520"}