'Violent tornado' hits Missouri's capital

Authorities in Jefferson City described a scene of significant damage and "multiple" injuries, but no confirmed fatalities.
4:04 | 05/23/19

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Transcript for 'Violent tornado' hits Missouri's capital
A lot to get to starting with those massive tornadoes devastating parts of the midwest looking at jeffersonson, Missouri, getting a direct hit. Officials reporting catastrophic damage there. Right now searches for trapped and missing underway. That's just one of dozens that touched down overnight. Let's go to rob Marciano in golden city, Missouri. Good morning. Reporter: A sad day in golden city. Three people losing their lives in last night's storms which are obviously still going on. This is one of the properties that was pretty much destroyed. A brick wall collapsed and this garage collapsed onto this car. Can you see our second camera, this porch is still standing but the revolver completely ripped off, all the windows blown out, unlivable at the moment. A storm cell that started and skimmed across the Kansas line and one of several that ripped through Missouri. There's a tornado right there. Reporter: This morning, search and rescue under way in Missouri's capital after a monster tornado ripped through Jefferson city injuring 20 people. The tornado took the roof off. We have a female that's bleeding. Reporter: Trees snapped in half, power lines stretched across a street. Buildings pulled into piece. We've got several people trapped in the area. Once we sat down I thought to myself to go upstairs and get our mattress and as I rounded the corner, I could see the tree across the street was completely flat. Reporter: Overnight, sirens blaring across the heartland. Look at this right here. Holy smokes. Reporter: At least 29 reported tornadoes. Look at thisreaching for the ground in golden city. That system turning deadly killing at least three people and this one touching down just 40 miles south at Karl junction. That is crazy. Reporter: Leaving behind a path of destruction. Trees and power lines down, roofs torn off. Debris from mangled buildings littering the ground. People scrambling to get out of the parking lot of this park. A second day of tornadoes in the this one striking just east of Oklahoma City. This all part of the same system that hit the region with severe flooding and more than 90 reported tornadoes since Monday. This tornado narrowly missing Joplin just a few miles down the road on the anniversary of that horrific one and history nearly repeating itself. A big blow for Missouri. Made only more difficult because of these ongoing storms. Wow, our hearts go out to all of those people affected, rob, thank you so much. Unfortunately that severe weather now taking aim at the northeast. Major cities are in its path and that could cause serious travel headaches at least for the holiday weekend. Good morning. Good morning. Much of Pennsylvania, parts of Delaware, even into Virginia and, yes, New Jersey and new York all need to pay attention. Stay with me. Let's begin with looking at crescent, Oklahoma, all that rain and the flash flooding comes with this type of storm. That's a house being pulled away on the banks of the cimarron river. We have flood warnings in place. Wichita, down to Tulsa, Springfield and eventually they will drain into Arkansas so watch for more of that flooding but you mentioned the storms this afternoon and tonight, so many people traveling for the holiday weekend today. Look at the timing here, the cold front pops the storms just west of Philadelphia at 5:30. Traveling I-95 down through Baltimore or Wilmington, you have problems. Damaging wind in excess of 70 miles per hour is possible with some. You could see hail and tornadoes. Harrisburg, wilkes-barre, we'll be watching them all. Thank you so much you so much. Now to the man dubbed the American Taliban set to be freed

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Authorities in Jefferson City described a scene of significant damage and \"multiple\" injuries, but no confirmed fatalities. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63224045","title":"'Violent tornado' hits Missouri's capital","url":"/GMA/News/video/violent-tornado-hits-missouris-capital-63224045"}