Warriors advance to 4th straight NBA Finals

After topping the Houston Rockets in game 7, Golden State will face Cleveland for the fourth straight season.
2:05 | 05/29/18

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Transcript for Warriors advance to 4th straight NBA Finals
Absolute going to turn now to that showdown on the court which Amy referenced earlier. The warriors beating the rockets in gam seven. Noey're heading to their fourth straight championship against the Cleveland cavas. ABC's Holmes is here with all the action and, T.J., you already saw my reaction. I did and, stra imise you I wasctually googling hotels in hoigs in theirst halfecause it looked like that's where we were going to cover the fi. By the end of the third quarter I booked my place in Oakland. Golden state W getting blown outnd chef curry started king. E defending NBA champs were one ropes down big and needing to win a game sev on the road R a place in the nbafinals. And Steph C came to the rescue. Cry for three. Yes, right on . Reporter: Curry exploded to lead the golden E warriors' copback and puthem inir fourth straight N finals. This atmose is Y. Game seven, man, H toe back in the finals. Eporter: The warriors W down 15 early and faced an nt deficit at halftiut then they facedssassin -- Curryires for the Repr: And his all-star teteevin Durant took over so now forhe fourth yea in a row the team tt's called the test of aeration will face arguably th greatest player of all time, king James returning to his eighth nsecutive NBA L. Jameled his cavaliers to a game seven victory over the Boston Celtics to clench the east. Is amazing. Unbelievable to thinkbout the consistency an longevity. Reporter:ames is a four-time leaguep. Curry, two but curry says the match-up is about much more than just the two of them. I know there's ach of other guys outhere that fou hard too. Going againstossibly the greatest pla ever. The first time in professional sports foureams have gone for a championshipinst each four years row. And won eight in a row. Done it. Unbelievable.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"After topping the Houston Rockets in game 7, Golden State will face Cleveland for the fourth straight season. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55500116","title":"Warriors advance to 4th straight NBA Finals","url":"/GMA/News/video/warriors-advance-4th-straight-nba-finals-55500116"}