Water rescues continue in Texas as flooding devastates the area

Parts of the Houston area have been engulfed by 43 inches of rain.
3:16 | 09/21/19

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Transcript for Water rescues continue in Texas as flooding devastates the area
Now for the devastation in Texas water rescues around the clock is Chris urgently. Search for people trapped by an all those floodwaters. After days of extreme conditions residents are getting a clear look at the extensive damage. ABC's senior meteorologist rob Marciano is just back from that area and he's here with us now more on this catastrophic weather and good morning T rob. Hey good morning even you know these heavy extreme rainfall events like Harvey and Imelda is a signal of a warming climate now that moisture. Is heading up towards the north and the waters people leery. Receding slowly across parts of southeast Texas those folks are still really from the impacts of the slow moving system. This morning M meld his death told rising now five fatalities at the hands of this relentless storm. Parts of southeast Texas engulf by more than 43 inches of rain. The tropical storm inundating streets swallowing cars and blocking traffic for those trying to get out. Officials and volunteers out helping the hundreds trapped in floodwaters. Including an improbable rescue of a mother and daughter stock in this ditch. I've seen entire vehicle. Hit that water and come they get all my guys. Out and get a stay here watches woman died. A sixteen year old pulled ball players saving the day. I see here pic of her babies aid package does he didn't know how to slow. So I jumped into the water I grabbed her about her ways lackluster maybe seriously was on dry land in grads. For the Wilcox family to meld his impact is close to the catastrophic flooding from hurricane Harvey you but in this whole house. You went through hurricane Harvey and is homeless but it wasn't. Two years ago. What's it like to have it happen all over again. It's honestly devastating. To how much weight that we put back into it after Harvey this is it really hurts that is respond so quickly. Over two feet of floodwater pouring into their home so everything at our level has new. How long hollow. Most of that is Rooney yes. No be replacing that. As will hundreds of other victims from this tropical system though waters are receding but the cleanup now begins some of that moisture being drawn northward. Into this funnel bus system which now we have flash flood watches are posted for eastern parts of Kansas including Kansas City up through. Now including Chicago. In Milwaukee and some severe weather with this too is of some thunderstorms rolling the last sat across the Dakotas and here comes the moisture comes despite yet this cold air behind it but we're more concerned with how slowly it's moving. And some of the storms that are gonna fire ahead of this some strong winds large hail maybe a tornado or two from Wichita through Kansas City to mourn. Maybe into northern Minnesota as well but I'm more concerned with that several rounds of rain that will fire along this front. Kansas City a get a couple aroused the one as well not going to be a nice weekend in Chicago the rains will begin later on this afternoon account prior to last through tomorrow as well getting towards Detroit. And we do see some pockets of four plus inches of rainfall on that could very well be enough to flood some of these areas certainly know what we can Oklahoma City all way toward Detroit. We're in the heart of hurricane season here so we got a strong wave coming often Africa a couple of more here in and Jerry's gonna make a run at Bermuda a later on. Tuesday into Wednesday after dealing with 100 hone our winds from current.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Parts of the Houston area have been engulfed by 43 inches of rain. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65767991","title":"Water rescues continue in Texas as flooding devastates the area","url":"/GMA/News/video/water-rescues-continue-texas-flooding-devastates-area-65767991"}