Water rescues underway amid heavy rains in North Carolina

Jennifer Wetherington, a resident of Bridgeton, North Carolina, described the situation overnight.
2:58 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Water rescues underway amid heavy rains in North Carolina
covering hurricane Florence all rning long. I want North Carolina right no where Jennifer Weatherington is trapped in high water right there. You werery ae earlier. Whappened? We were unablethere, an water was way too hh whwe were at. As far as we know, one is stiluck in attics. We nescue teams tt can get to the houses. Plse make sure you C attics. There are a lot of kids Any sense of how many LE are ped in tho hs? At O Housen down new Bern, and anywhere to five people in eac hoe that I H go And you have been getting a lot of Corr Yes, sir. I have had O 112alls since last night around 10:00. And what is the situation like right now?t there? The raintill coming wn? Rai pretty gon the WATE is in the roads.foot Over in the Roa? Yes. Are in the road right Yes. Can you move tou that? We have lifted up trg throu G to get away from it. Acourse, the is the threat that thewaters cou rise again if the rain continues. Yes, siising fast. Iimagine. Tells what it light the evening, Ando early ING. Last nigs Reay roug that are bodies floatinghey are. Ife could please get to them seelp any waypossible. You sd U were told about that? I was told about em. We were no able to get across the early ring becse of how heavyhe rain was. Andherethink this wasccurring? Newbern. In bridgeton, north Carolina. You see you're trying get out right W. Where are you trying to go? We're trying to go to Roa rapidswhere we are from. But toads a sa a industrial pretty dangerous, aren't they? Eadingut ig a lir T farther uwe get. Coming into gr justraining. There isot very much water. well,ou sy safe ere. I knowhat's a pretty despe situation. We're going to try to find out UT what is exactlyng on R, now it's been such aough situation right there all morninglong. Jennifer, thanks very much joinin us byphone. Ng up, more on Florence. And one other

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Jennifer Wetherington, a resident of Bridgeton, North Carolina, described the situation overnight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57824875","title":"Water rescues underway amid heavy rains in North Carolina","url":"/GMA/News/video/water-rescues-underway-amid-heavy-rains-north-carolina-57824875"}