White hotel employee called police on black guest

The DoubleTree hotel guest was confronted by security while talking on the phone in the lobby of the Portland hotel.
2:01 | 12/29/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for White hotel employee called police on black guest
Indeed, but first here man who says he was calling his mom from a hotel lobby and was kicked out because he's black. Jermaine Massey taking video of the incident saying he was approached by a security guard while he was on the phone, later told to pack his bags and leave. I was racially profiled. Reporter: Outrage growing this morning over this video that has now gone viral. Jermaine Massey saying he was targeted simply for being black. He's calling the cops on me because I'm taking a phone call at the doubletree hotel. I'm black African-American and that's the only justification I have. Reporter: Massey was staying at this Portland doubletree by Hilton when this happened. He recorded this video showing a hotel security guard telling him he's loitering despite his attempts to maintain he is a registered hotel guest. The police will be here in a minute. Thank you. Call them. I'm waiting. They're coming why? Why are they coming? To escort you off the property. Because why? And I'm staying here. Not anymore. When I left that hotel, I remember seeing the faces of the people in that lobby and I felt like a criminal. These people were looking at me as if I had just committed a crime and I didn't. Reporter: The incident echoing other cases of white people reporting black people for things like selling bottled water or hanging out at Starbucks. I need to leave? Take control of the property, yes. -- Runs this place, right? I'm sitting here. Reporter: In this most recent case the hotel now apologizing to Massey calling what happened unacceptable and contrary to our value. These situations hurt people. They make them feel excluded from the rest of society and that's not how it should happen. Now, the hotel says it has placed the employees involved on leave. It is using a third party to conduct a full investigation and the hotel also saying it's reviewing its internal process, protocols and training to make

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"The DoubleTree hotel guest was confronted by security while talking on the phone in the lobby of the Portland hotel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60064166","title":"White hotel employee called police on black guest","url":"/GMA/News/video/white-hotel-employee-called-police-black-guest-60064166"}