White nationalist groups, counterprotesters to descend on Washington

Protesters are marking one year after violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia.
3:03 | 08/12/18

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Transcript for White nationalist groups, counterprotesters to descend on Washington
before it all came to a fiery finish.we'll defitely stay top of that. Concernis ring aboudueling protests just hours awa washington king one ar since vlent clashes erupted between white nationalisnd counr-proteste in charlottesville. Oense moments on pus whlast year ite national were carrng torches. Those white nationts were confronted. Abdad Wrights Alson Washington where the large protesreecd some time this afternoon and where security is ve david,d morning. Reporter: Goorning, nd whit. This is where it will Al whi house security say, is very tight here tod D.C. Autrit want a ce riot right the prdoorstep. As thetors desce O the nation'sol, multiple law enforcement agencies are determino keep this D to keep E two group separate. Coutesters the other. Authories here D't repeat of charlottesville where onalists and neo clashed tly with cor-.lee turnindeadly when a car iving at high wed down cou-protesters killed 32-yeld Heather he in charlottesville this weekend, a peaceful moral. Abc'eva pilgrim caught up with Heyer'mo are you worried this weekend? No. Whatill be will ll ve forward from th Reporteheat orgazer's rally in charlottesville, unite the ribehind tod's rally in Washington. I LI' T Vil rights movement in the 1960s. A sees himsf as a vidvocate for white a. That white people are inifferenttionhan ey've everee right now white peoere about to become a minority in both the of anti-white discrination. Reporter:ference this year in charlle and ington, th counr-otesters may well outnr E nations. Think T poithe nstration is to demonstrate to the world and to the city of d.hat these ople are a minority. Reporter: The city of D.C anthe multip lment agencies securing this area have a good DL of expernccrowd contl and protests. They're going to do their best to keethese maherse. Behindhere you can see the ter-protesters will be this side of aw Jackson. E white naonalists the . Hopefully they't even come togeth all. Ile this all on T president's door, he's not even here. Hen his lastay of vacation up in bedminster. Guys. He's beenling it a vacation.d ank you foyour reportfrom D.C. President trump bring his silee nniversaryn

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Protesters are marking one year after violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57144164","title":"White nationalist groups, counterprotesters to descend on Washington","url":"/GMA/News/video/white-nationalist-groups-counterprotesters-descend-washington-57144164"}