White Sox player listed as critical after aneurysm

Pitcher Danny Farquhar collapsed in the dugout from a brain hemorrhage.
2:50 | 04/22/18

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Transcript for White Sox player listed as critical after aneurysm
We do an internal horrifying moments at a Major League Baseball game of play were leaving the game. Hospitalized. Now in critical condition this morning it happened Doreen the game in the dugout Chicago White Sox pitcher Danny far park collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital after suffering a brain hemorrhage. Just moments after throwing fifteen pages against the Houston masters Friday night. White Sox pitcher Danny Clark mark suddenly collapse seen in the dugout from a brain and your resound something did happen with Denny's far far. I don't know anything more than that but they did take him away thanks to paramedics and members of his team are seen rushing to his aid. Quickly carrying that 31 year old out and rushing him to the hospital it's. ABC news learning that far gore underwent several surgeries. And is currently stable but in critical condition. When he left here he had a strong heartbeat. Paulson really well and the Yankees can man may. An overnight fire course teammates pain tribute to him by describing his initials and number on their hats. And hanging his Jersey from the dugout. All while tweets poured in from other teams sending gear well wishes to the father of three. He's alive he's got a chance. Well I and onto. Prayers are more necessary at all. And our chief medical correspondent doctor Jan Ashton joins us from Massachusetts Chad good morning that I spoke to the White Sox they tell me that. He was exhibiting no signs prior to be in here is and he just pitch the previous inning but there are typically warning signs of people should look for right. Well right when you talk about the brain we have to remember is exquisitely sensitive to injury and the skull is on for giving to swelling and rupture of an and yours and which is basically a ballooning of a blood vessel. Causes swelling of the brain. Most times this happens with out any warning. But there are some classic warning signs the biggest is something we called WHO well it's the worst headache of your life he. Then there are things lake nausea and dizziness. Stiff neck sensitivity till late some double vision and difficulty speaking although we have to note. That obviously someone can have these signs or symptoms and not be having a ruptured an infrastructure engine what do we know about the treatment when this happens. Well look this is a surgical emergency the patient goes into the emergency room they get at cat scan of their brain to find out where the bleeding is and they go right to the OR. To try to stop the bleeding either with a clip for a Croyle and it rainy out immediate relieve some of the pressure that's built up by. The next hours and days are critical for anyone dealing with this type of situation and they certainly are they're keeping a close watch Dan this morning. Jen thank you hannitizing kudos to the way tax medical staffing jumped in right and I'm so lucky to have actually at the game exact around him now.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Pitcher Danny Farquhar collapsed in the dugout from a brain hemorrhage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54643624","title":"White Sox player listed as critical after aneurysm","url":"/GMA/News/video/white-sox-player-critical-condition-suffering-brain-aneurysm-54643624"}