Woman describes terrifying parasailing crash in Mexico

Katie Malone, 29, told "GMA" she said a prayer right before she crashed after flying uncontrollably through the air for around 45 minutes.
2:30 | 07/05/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman describes terrifying parasailing crash in Mexico
I that veryanquished her opnt. Anbc exclusiveith the young womaneriously injured a terrifying sailing crash when they are rope bke free sending her flying out of control for 45 minutes. Katie Malone is out of the hospital after nearly a Mon anow she's telling her story and ABC's genitez is here with th good morning, Reporter: Good morning. It's justincredible we saw as she struggled to steerat parasail looking like a rag dog and eventually passed out mak a crash landing and thning her family is saying it's mir she surv. Is the surviving O that hearopping parasailing accident captured ontape. Katieone out of the hospital. Happy to be out and gist get back to everyday life and move forward. Reporter: Speaking out for th first timelusivelyith ABC news about that terriing experience. Whenas uphere flipping around and stuff, W able to hold mysnd carry my Wei D brace myself. Here we , Katie. Repor on vacation in Puerta Vallarta celebrating H birthday when she took O for that parasailing adventure. Momentter the tether connecting her to the boa coming loose. Can you see fg uncollably THR the air for 45 terrifying Tes. When I was goi down fast at's when I started spinning in circles and got S S then I just, you know, staying a prayer and rightefore a crashed I passedout. Reporter: The rope parasail at times going horizontal bobbing back and forth and crash landing an air suffering save injuries including a fractured skull, broken rs a4collapsedlung. Spending 2ays in T hospital fighting for life. Inju so serious she was airlifted from Mexico to San ego. Her father watching as she landed on thetarmac. She's doing good. Her spirits are up. We'r just happy that she back over here to get, you know, the proper Trent. We're justappy to get her tn fourth uly is quite a to have her out. THA F everyone who suppd me and been here for me. It's been helpi loto get through this. Reporter: Jus incredible. Recovering fro many of thoseinjury, kt, it's G to take time to heal incredibly when weasked her if she wouo pailing again she didn't rule it OND said the first thing was going to do when she got home, take nap and go those fireworks. After seeing that once I never wan to go. Did I once, one a done.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Katie Malone, 29, told \"GMA\" she said a prayer right before she crashed after flying uncontrollably through the air for around 45 minutes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56378815","title":"Woman describes terrifying parasailing crash in Mexico","url":"/GMA/News/video/woman-describes-terrifying-parasailing-crash-mexico-56378815"}