Woman who posed as baby photographer in court

Juliette Parker, 38, pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree assault and attempted kidnapping after she allegedly posed as a baby photographer and may have drugged one woman.
3:20 | 02/19/20

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Transcript for Woman who posed as baby photographer in court
Now to the new developments involving that baby kidnapping plot. The woman accused of posing as a baby photographer and drugging a new mom to steal her newborn daughter appeared in court Tuesday as we hear from the alleged victim and Paula Faris is here with more. Good morning. Good morning. What a story this S the alleged victim says that she was given cupcakes laced with a drug. She couldn't feel her hands, her feet. She grew violently ill, this as the suspect intended to snap a photo of her baby and then steal it. I'm telling you something is wrong with me. I don't feel good. Yeah, we're going to get somebody out there. Reporter: This is the moment panicked Washington state mother elysia slurred her words telling 911 she's been drugged. I'm super spacey like it's hard to talk. And like my hands and my feet and my arms are super numb. I feel like my breathing is jacked up too. Reporter: And now the woman accused of drugging elysia with a cupcake and intending to steal her baby appearing in court. 38-year-old Juliette parker pleaded not guilty in court Tuesday to charges of second degree assault and attempted kidnapping. According to court documents police say parker who ran for mayor just last year in Colorado Springs posted ads as a baby photographer on a Facebook mommy group offering free newborn photo sessions to build up her portfolio. Elysia responded meeting with parker on three occasions. She says during their last meeting, parker's 16-year-old daughter pressured her into eating cupcakes that police believe were tainted. According to court documents, elysia says she may have been given ghb, also known as the date rape drug. I was fine and then I ate a cupcake. I ate one. I was fine. I ate another one and then my face started instantly going numb. Reporter: Officials say that while investigating they discovered that in November parker allegedly asked a former boyfriend if he could get ghb. Joked about kidnapping a child as a last resort and said she would marry him if he found her a baby girl in the next five weeks. I carry a machete, a knife and pepper spray in my house and in my car. I sleep with a knife even under my pillow. Reporter: She says before leaving parker took selfies with her newborn baby then wiped her fingerprints off her drinking glass. She says she also noticed that her house keys were missing though she says they were later This is my kids. This is my house. She violated that. She violated my safety. Tried to kidnap my daughter. Seeing her is scary. I'm terrified she could come back. So disturbing. Detectives say this is her pattern offering free photoshoots to women 37 weeks' pregnant or more and a dozen women say she contacted them or visited their homes to take photos including taking selfies of their babies on her personal phone but the victim, she said, she ate cupcakes, they were divided in three categories and was told I'm testing the recipe so taste them all. Good for her to get them out of her home and to be able to call 911 like that. She's so lucky. Very fortunate. Paula, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Juliette Parker, 38, pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree assault and attempted kidnapping after she allegedly posed as a baby photographer and may have drugged one woman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69066429","title":"Woman who posed as baby photographer in court","url":"/GMA/News/video/woman-posed-baby-photographer-court-69066429"}