Young woman claims she reported school shooter for stalking

Ariana Lopez said her former friend and classmate, Nikolas Cruz, would follow her after school and that she voiced concerns to school officials multiple times, but he remained on campus.
3:27 | 02/20/18

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Transcript for Young woman claims she reported school shooter for stalking
We begin with disturbing new allegations from a former friend of Nikolas Cruz. Ariana Lopez said he stalked her, brought knives to school and report it to officials multiple times. Victor Oquendo has more from parkland. Good morning. Reporter: Yet another person who says they sounded the alarm about Nikolas Cruz. The student we spoke with said that he would threaten them through texts and through social media, but when they first met, she says that there was actually nothing out of the ordinary. Ariana Lopez said her one-time friendship with former classmate Nikolas Cruz started out as any Normal teenage friendship does. He would tell me about his mom and his brother. Reporter: But she says she soon saw traits she describes as disturbing emerge. He used to sell knives out of his lunch box which I thought was insane. You can't have knives. Hey, guys, want some knives. Reporter: Reporter: As for those posts. He would sympathize with Syrian terrorists and people who oppose him should be killed and posted pictures of 15 or more firearms just on his bed. Like this was Normal. Like you could even see a hamper in the background. That's how ordinary this was to him. He talked about killing our parents, our friends, boyfriends and girlfriends. Reporter: Lopez said Cruz would follow her after school. She says she and her friends reported their concerns to school officials multiple times between 2016 and 2017. Broward county schools has not yet responded to ABC news. When asked about her claims, ABC news has learned that Douglas high school disciplined Cruz 25 times but remained on campus. Lopez telling ABC the reason behind the fight seen in had video allegedly showing Cruz in a white shirt first obtained by ABC affiliate WPLG was over a girl Cruz briefly dated. He would hit her. He would threaten her. He would threaten her family and friends for talking to other guys. Reporter: Overnight a newly released investigator's report filed just days after that 2016 fight, noted Cruz behavior changes due to a recent breakup. The investigator saying Cruz talked about wanting to purchase a gun and feeling depressed. Does he know where the shooter is? We don'tknow. Reporter: We asked Lopez about that day last week when 17 of her classmates and teachers were killed in a barrage of bullets. She sought refuge hiding in a closet. I was thinking about why he could have done this because NIK was an avid hunter I thought about it from a hunter's perspective. The freshman building is very difficult to get out of and when you think about it from the way that a hunter might have which was the way NIK thought about a lot of things that was an easy target. Reporter: She says she felt little shock when she learned the identity of the shooter. I knew it. We all did. Everybody who knew him, we knew it. He was the only person that could even before they announce that he was the shooter we all knew it was NIK. He was the only person we could think of that would do something like this because it was obvious that he had the power to do this. Reporter: Now Lopez says she and her friends no longer have to be afraid of Cruz because he's in jail and hopes authorities will learn something from the awful shooting here to prevent something like this from happening again. One thing we're seeing Florida governor Rick Scott going hard at the FBI. Reporter: Governor Scott has called on the FBI director to resign and he now wants a the details about that second tip that they didn't follow up on to be released saying that these families deserve answers. Victor Oquendo in parkland, thanks. George, now to former NFL

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Ariana Lopez said her former friend and classmate, Nikolas Cruz, would follow her after school and that she voiced concerns to school officials multiple times, but he remained on campus. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53213403","title":"Young woman claims she reported school shooter for stalking","url":"/GMA/News/video/young-woman-claims-reported-school-shooter-stalking-53213403"}