#BeLocalish Deals & Steals supporting women-owned small businesses

Tory Johnson is partnering with the ABC-owned Television Stations Group for "#BeLocalish: Deals and Steals," a half-hour special supporting women-owned small businesses.
2:36 | 03/24/21

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Transcript for #BeLocalish Deals & Steals supporting women-owned small businesses
Well, it is time for be localish with great deals from small businesses. Tory Johnson and Sam champion are partnering with the group for their special Friday featuring 20 small businesses all women owned. "Gma" viewers get early access though to start shopping and saving on these do it right now, Tory is here to take it away, tell us about these brands. Hey there, Tory. Hi, T.J. So we've got a diverse assortment of products that are representative of all of the favorites that our viewers love and the stories are so inspiring among these owners. We've got shoes that are made in America, beer can candles made in Maine. Hair, skin, nail and foot care favorites plus a lot of new ones that our viewers will love. Jewelry that's made in Houston and Hawaii, so a lot of handmade touches in there. We have the most comfortable kitchen floor mat, pancake mix, pajama, personalized platters. I want to give a shoutout to those. Anything with states and geography is a favorite among our viewers. Bedding and this year even though the business owners are incredibly diverse and their inspiration comes from all different areas of their background, there's one universal message we heard from all of them after the year that they have had where they've dealt with a retail shutdown, homeschooling their kid, worrying about keeping their businesses alive. All have said we are stronger than we think. We never really know just how strong we are. How tough we are until we've gone through a challenge and for all of these business owners they've survived. They are still standing, they are looking forward to getting back to business without these same challenges or we say fewer challenges or sometimes it's newer challenges because there's always something. But these business owners are pretty spectacular and I love that "Gma" viewers get early access to start shopping now. Every deal is 50% off. 20 awesome small businesses that you'll feel good about supporting. All right, and to your point, yes, there are new challenges and a lot of people make these pandemic pivots and you have helped them along the way and have had a laser-like focus on highlighting these business and we appreciate it. I know they appreciate it. A pleasure to watch you do so so thank you so much. You're very sweet. All right, so you can see all of these deals, shop all of these by going to the site on your screen right here, yes, and

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Tory Johnson is partnering with the ABC-owned Television Stations Group for \"#BeLocalish: Deals and Steals,\" a half-hour special supporting women-owned small businesses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76648490","title":"#BeLocalish Deals & Steals supporting women-owned small businesses","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/belocalish-deals-steals-supporting-women-owned-small-businesses-76648490"}