Deals and Steals on products to beat the heat in kitchen, bedding, clothing and tech

Tory Johnson is back with exclusive discounts on must-have products for summer.
6:53 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for Deals and Steals on products to beat the heat in kitchen, bedding, clothing and tech
our "Deals & steals" beat the heat event. We are back on the "Gma" boardwalk and as you can see the shops are open for business. Tory Johnson is here and -- thank you. But, wait, there's more. Come on out, our lifeguard, Sam. We are awe drowning in all the deal. Everybody in the pool. I know. I don't think this is the way you're supposed to be wearing it. It looks perfect on you. You wear it well. First up this is awesome for staying hydrated, staying cool, make a smoothie with the NutriBullet. This is the most powerful NutriBullet on the market. You can throw in whole fruits, whole vegetable, almond, any kind of super food you want. Put it right in there and it will make you an awesome smoothie. When the water gets cool, it has a warming function so use it to make soup. It is an awesome deal. Normally $180 slashed in half, $89. Thank you so much. Help us with this. From emeril Lagasse, the power airfryer. What's great about this, instead of heating up your kitchen with the big oven you can make a rotisserie chicken, you can use this as a roaster, toaster, an it does so many different things and will always crisp and provide that crunch that you look for. Sweet potato fries. Sweet potato fries. This is an awesome product and it's multitasking which I love. Normally $240. This one is slashed in half, 120 and free shipping. Free shipping. Okay. Then we're movinnto the bedroom shop. Slumber cloud. This one has been training for a marathon and is always hot and needs to cool down. The technology is built into the fabric to prevent the night sweats and keep you cool and comfy all night. We've got a huge variety of sheet, pillows, pillowcase, mattress pads, sort of everything and you are going to feel cool and comfortable. They are cool to the touch. Oh, yeah. These are amazing. So depending on what you choose, $30 to $239 is all slashed in half so 15 to $119. Okay. A lot of people here love a weighted blanket. Well, this one has the cooling feature. This is called the blanquil. So 15 to 20 pounds, it comes off so you can wash it but this cooling fabric will keep you bundled but not hot which is awesome about this. Normally -- Get red I because when you pick it up it is super, super heavy. It's heavy. 15 or 20 pounds heavy. But gives you that hug or comfort when you sleep. Here, robin. Normally $300, it's slashed in half, 150 and free shipping. Free shipping. Okay. So we've got our tiki bar. This is for you. First up we have it's a ten hair care. Blond collection for Sam. Oh, Chaim kind of blond. I mean truth be told. That's okay. Petula told me she uses the repair collection on you because she does heat styling to you and she's abusing your hair. I didn't know that. Heat every day. That's what it does. This is your best friend against humidity these products from it's a ten and the prices are amazing. Normally $13.50 to $45. Obviously a huge collection. Today they start at 6.50 and are slashed in half. Cheers. Another awesome one. So lip balm is my jam. I love lip balm, okay. Do you like it. I like it. This company makes this awesome product called sip lip blocks. For guys they make this intense therapy with extra beeswax so it's ultra hydrating. Ultra hydrating. Do bees find your lips attractive? It's a good one. It's a good one. No, no, no. Everything from -- it goes well with your weighted blanket. I barely have hands left. Normally $16.50 to $18. Today they start at 8.25 and free shipping. Free shipping. And then finally, for 40 year, 40 years this company has used the healing powers of aloe to create the most incredible skin care products and we have a big range. Number one best-seller is this one called special care. Just great for every day but we've got their foot cream, their deodorant. Also if you've got a sunburn if we didn't heed the warnings this burn gel amazing, everything from this company. 7 to $66 depending on what you choose so today starts at $3.50. Wonderful. Thank you. And for our lovely studio audience thank you for participating and our audience, by the way, I know, what, what. You'll get the NutriBullet. You're going home with a knute tri bullet. And Tory is not dong yet. More "Deals & steals" just ahead and Billy Eichner is here as well. This is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief . Good morning. It is Thursday, July 18. Topping our headlines, severe weather causing massive headlines over New Jersey. Right now, just over 5000 customers without power. Crews have been working for hours to get the power back up and running in the town of hillsdale. The flooding also on streets and sidewalks. What a mess. Let's talk about the northern state parkway west at route 10. We have a stall that is causing lots of delays. On I-95 N. To the Connecticut state line, very large potholes. Look at the New Jersey turnpike. It looks so different in different places. This is right near Newark airport so you definitely want to get in touch with your individual carrier if you're heading out. We had a huge crash and that

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"Tory Johnson is back with exclusive discounts on must-have products for summer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64409799","title":"Deals and Steals on products to beat the heat in kitchen, bedding, clothing and tech","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-steals-products-beat-heat-kitchen-bedding-clothing-64409799"}