A deep look into the best Cyber Monday deals

ABC News’ Deirdre Bolton helps break down where to find the best discounts on this coming Cyber Monday.
2:11 | 11/29/20

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Transcript for A deep look into the best Cyber Monday deals
or if you have any ser holiday season. Instead of happy gettogethers many of us are dealing with issues of loneliness. Joining us is Dr. Kory Floyd, professor of communication at the university of Arizona. Thank you for being with us this morning. Thanks for having me. The's no question that all this isolation is hard. I heard from so many friends and family who don't usually struggle with things say they found this year to be very difficult. What are the real effects on our mental health and physical well-being? One of the biggest dangers of isolation is loneliness. That can impair our mental health in the form of depression, anxiety and it can affect our physical health in the form of sleep problems and chronic pain, even suppression of the immune system. These things we're feeling are very much real. How do you suggest people approach this year? One thing I think is true, during the holidays, it's easy to put too much pressure on ourselves and think if things aren't just so, then the holiday is a failure. I think if the pandemic has taught us anything, is that it's okay to let go of some of that pressure and accept that things will be different this year. You say things are going to be a little different. They're a lot different for some of us. What do you tell people to focus on as they try to get through this difficult time. Well, especially when the holidays aren't as we hoped, it's easy to focus on what we're missing out on. That can exacerbate our loneliness. I think we can disrupt that cycle by focusing instead on what gives us joy and what we're grateful for this year. Gratitude definitely helps. We have to realize in this moment it's not always going to be this way. We don't know how this pandemic is going to end, or even when. We know that some day it will. Advice I'm giving is, with our family and friends, talk about the future. What's next year's holiday going to be like? I think when we focus on the future instead of what we're missing out on right now, that can help keep our loneliness at bey. Professor Floyd, good advice. We were just talking about this. We're planning trips for next year anticipating something joyful. Absolutely. It's nice to have something to look forward too.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"ABC News’ Deirdre Bolton helps break down where to find the best discounts on this coming Cyber Monday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74446404","title":"A deep look into the best Cyber Monday deals ","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deep-best-cyber-monday-deals-74446404"}