Fantastic Black Friday sales

GMA’s Becky Worley shows us how to save big on gifts for the holidays.
3:53 | 11/26/20

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Transcript for Fantastic Black Friday sales
real and raw from them. Time to gobble up savings. So many classic Thanksgiving traditions we all enjoy today. Turkey, football and, of course, shopping. Becky Worley is back on the gridiron helping us score the best deals that are live right now. Becky, you are the quarterback. Omaha, Omaha. Eva. Apple watch. I have the apple watch here taped to my football. I'll bring you guys in here to help me out throwing a coast-to-coast hail Mary bomb. Janai, this one is going to you. All right, all right, all right. You got it? We practiced that, Becky to, make sure I would get it. Wait. Here it is. Screaming when we practiced. Nice hand, nice hands. We are highlighting the apple watch 5 taped to that football there. It's 299 at Best Buy. Normally 399 so that's 100 bucks off. The apple watch is a huge seller this holiday season. Walmart's apple watch deal already sold out. Dutch a good deal and from football to the heart of fall, look at all those fall colors, Becky. Are we going to see them soon? They're coming. There they are. Here we go. Channeling the -- Say hello to my little friend, Becky. Okay, all right. I'm channeling all of these leaves to bring us our Thanksgiving deals so, whit, you got that -- you see the pile of leaves and you got that leaf I got it under control. Fire it up. Okay. All right, what we got? An instant pot. Tah-dah. Good job. You did your chore, instant pot eight-quart pressure cooker, $69. Full retail price 149. $80 discount and you have done good work here today on Thanksgiving. That's like the only thing I've done well so far today. Hey, I understand you're also now moving into the kitchen and you've got something else to tell us about. What is that? That'sright. You know, we know that you've done your chores out there but now here we are at the dining table, magic of television and Eva's going to check out what's in the insta pot to see what's cooking. Eva. Tah-dah! Tah-dah! Your best Julia child. The Turkey and on the Turkey it's time for supper. One of the hottest gift this is year will be headphones so you have the main course right there. The bird is sporting the beats solo 3 headphones, it's $80 off, a very good gift for teens or anyone at home who needs a little peace and quiet. We all do, I'm pretty sure. Dinner is over. It's time to hit the couch. What we all do. What deals do you have for us on TVs? I'm lounging on the couch here myself ands you take a seat let me give context. There are always doorbuster TV deals, crazy low prices on off brand TVs, names and bra you've never heard of. When I covered those rock bottom prices in the past I've gotten feedback from our audience and want to know the discounts on brand name TVs so the one you're looking at is a really good one, Samsung 70-inch LCD for $529. $220 off and, Eva, I give you full permission to just hang out and take a load off, chill on the couch with a chair for the rest of the show. This TV is bigger than I am, just for the record. Becky, you can check out our Black Friday shopping guide with these deals and more on our website, more cooking advice

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"GMA’s Becky Worley shows us how to save big on gifts for the holidays. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74416569","title":"Fantastic Black Friday sales ","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/fantastic-black-friday-sales-74416569"}