How to find the right sports bra for your body: Top picks for A to D+

"If I have great workout clothes, including a sports bra, I feel better period."
9:50 | 08/22/19

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Transcript for How to find the right sports bra for your body: Top picks for A to D+
I actually think this is my new favorite bra now. Excited again acts inside Meyer. In the world I just BCE. This. Flag. And he sort of is probably lose business and unlocked and hopefully. I listen this feels really be sexy support it's like. Almost like a push up. When it comes to sports front there's absolutely no such thing as one style fits all. We really need to think about. You are safe and lacks an. I live where that van Allen. With a jacket. That's really comparable. Sir. South Abbe why is this your favorite sports act I really feel like fifth because it is kind of like if tank. But and a broad form nowhere like an airline you around or a winning a rallying. Analysis uses different options carefully what you can't also here where height it's. What do you think. Its super comfortable it's kind of like wearing a teacher's. Actually tested this bracket housekeeping and it was one of the absolute favorites mainly for comfort as he sang. People who hate wearing a process that they forgot they had this on the there are different authors and that the grand salad depending on what size as. That's good about this line is it has those built in cup second initiating benefits but if you really are landing at home and you just don't want that there and you Weinstein women in law. You can actually take those cops out there's no padding and just be this with Africa there. I love aesthetics. I really actually lying fence above it. Definitely a Broadway feel like it's much easier way out and position they're in every evening to you couldn't see yourself wearing a raft river town history it like an hour working out outsiders this thing. When he's got a lot you're taking off one of those all are racetrack that's defining your struggling a little bit to get it off especially when it's wet and I onion. South hearings and that and it comes right off which is one of the perks of having to sit and it's just a really easy off after you've worked out. Thanks again I exercise my aunt hills Connolly of anything and he lacked. This is chosen in a turnaround yeah probably take home. Luckily it feels it definitely does feel really support it comes at a normally go for. Where. Mostly the jam and sometimes are procrastinating. From going to did you around the house. Seeking and a few different styles that would meet those different types of activities in different levels of support and comfort in and really find aspects of normally Wear just justice for its rock and a guy out in public for the moment. Gonna gonna get a comfortable wearing out. Says this sudden is actually it was comfortable Ryan I last sports track tested with the tester a brand from its now one of my personal favorite sale of it. Sarah bought last everything you want to look far and starts. And I base that dropped on here act the agency states. Absorbs it right away and starts to spread out immediately and that's just a good indication and that if you're sliding. It'll take that sweat off your CNN house added how we're. I agree it feels it definitely does feel really supportive and kind of Stalin normally go for. Have these physical straps that are just a little bit different and everything else that's right on the cover things. And as you noted that at this apps actually just on the front so I'll give you the perfect end you can't succeed as a little bit and I'll ask you that. You aren't finding out like and you can adjustment that why aren't haven't on just. And yet let apple at a level Taliban and it it's really easy to find her perfect and they can see gets absorbed into here. And I and it spreads out and and the idea is that what you're sweating it's going to take the sat from your body and move it to the outer fabric so that it just factory much more easily and you'll feel worn trying to conquer. Dizzy ducks actually go to today. Very he has this is quick to funded by that you want to put them and you wanna yes. I could just put on some other pants and injecting go ride my motorcycle. How does it feel I can't. This is off some I can't even feel it in the pocket there's nothing on which is super comfortable. No matter what activity I'm doing I don't have to think about you know having to Tug of bullet anywhere. I could do actually anything from just going to work in the morning news do after work called to use them kick boxing our own jam. But sometimes just you know jobless mindful. What's happened different Fries it midseason else. So this kind of really great for landing around but also from our low impact activities like yeah. What's cool about this planet also has adjustable straps in the race or backseat Ken. Moving as you need to find a good bet you feel very secure which is very important for me I'm stretching I'll have to worry about anything peeking through work. Moving around him. Wires that carry definitely. Feel this on me but didn't and a blink and me and him. And that I could run and that I probably go skydiving in this they wanted to thank violent about the Friday that it has in the thick wider facts here that are also patents so it's not just sat there. It spread out some of the late. But it all cities had in fact seeking too much in here dollars. Just great for you know your size and also added expense of larger side. I think that's tough on him. I don't know that even. For search engine activities whether it you'll go it's jogging or something more high end. City training that you would have a different variety of bronze. And I wish I just throwing over your head any engines fell. Nice to know that you know you have all these different options. You can Wear them even on their own without having to put something over and someone to look again be like oh okay that's your regular sports. I feel like this rod definitely takes care of the girls and keeps me from having in the Booth and it looks good and fill starting. Have felt beautiful like I honestly didn't think that this was active. Why is it that you love about your favorite sports act I love fest all of the color what kind of things are you wearing black. And and I accidentally get below those other things like boxing. And running so it's a lot of life. Movements to keep it significantly. We'll try some of them are minimal letter low impact and then some of the more I am actually command and enormous I can be worked out and did. He did not come from. I like most voiced cautious outlook. I really really pretty nice couple. Actually tested in and I -- bed nets at break in this age criticize even have to expect it out loud. Kept it secret also you know will hold up over time. This is not functional brown it's nice looking and I think it's really she that this is the one tonight I'm going to look accident. This line is designed specifically for large aircraft sizes and in high impact Wear out if that's a concern ventilation and you can see they're out there helps keep that more reasonable plea thanks to heavy wing counselor at scratches three like the fact that this has the problems. Because when I'm doing intense workouts. And I'm ready to let them killing faced off giving it all my coffee is just being wary. I love the fact about the way about that. One of the things that definitely took away this isn't there so many divers brought up. We all islamists. Feel good and healthy take care of myself and went and looked good doing it. For a fraction not that it and that's keeping you access you can find and it needs to feel confident and can't survive just get the most out of Iraq gap feel great then that's her next.

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{"duration":"9:50","description":"\"If I have great workout clothes, including a sports bra, I feel better period.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65092002","title":"How to find the right sports bra for your body: Top picks for A to D+ ","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/find-sports-bra-body-top-picks-65092002"}