‘GMA’ Deals and Steals for holiday gifts for $20 or less

Tory Johnson is back with exclusive discounts on items for “GMA” viewers.
5:11 | 11/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘GMA’ Deals and Steals for holiday gifts for $20 or less
stress out of your holiday shopping. Everything is $20 or less, Tory. So much fun. So much fun. So we brought a little fun to help us. Legacy shave. This is truly the gift of the ultimate shaving experience. Michael, you can put it right on. I'm okay. So here's how it would work. This little cap right here pops on to just about any traditional size, don't worry. There is a safety lock on here because I was nervous of getting that near you. Thank you. But -- There's a child safety -- Here's what's awesome about this. No mess, right? Except if Sara is in the house. Goes straight from the can to the face. How many people are shaving? Because of this rush you get that awesome exfoliation, less razor bump. You could use this on your legs. It's fun too, right? It's a lot of fun. Yes. So many things. This is a gift for guys this season so they come in a two-pack. Normally $40, today slashed in half, $20. 20 bucks. That is amazing. That's creative. Really fun gift. Next up, this is a "Gma" favorite. Look at this hat right here. Look at the awesome interior. Oh, look at that. Faux sherpa lined. These gloves, you got mittens. You could text and be warm at the same time. We have boot sock, slipper socks, this is the gift of ultimate comfort. Men, women and kids. We've got everybody covered with these. The patterns are fun. One of Oprah's favorite thing. Oprah? Oh, yeah, but you know what, more importantly, more importantly it's one of fonsi's favorite things over there. Wow. Oprah? 15 to $40. Everything is slashed in half and starts at $8. Can't beat that. Speaking of comfort these are warmies. This little guy I like waved for you. Pop it in the microwave for about a minute and it will stay warm. It's filled with flaxseed. Filled with flaxseed and lavender so you have this soothing scent of lavender, plus the adorableness of just a sweet animal. And -- Are these made for adults. Or adults or kids. Relaxing. Smell this. He smells the same way. I knew what she was trying to do. They're adorable. And we also have their boots so the boots same thing, they go in the microwave and you pop them on. This is the gift of ultimate comfort. Normally 25 to $30 and start at $12.50. I love these. This is great for everybody. It's either -- you can choose gloves or boots for the feet. You're going to want boots. I've seen your feet. Pop this into the microwave and it warm paraffin and coconut oil that creates this unbelievably soothing moisturizing treatment so any kind of cracked skin. Winter skin. It is winter skin. Winter feet. It's also what's great if you have any kind of joint pain because you use your hands or your feet this, is for you. A set and they're reusable. A set is $30. How many times can you use them? About four times. And you should know, Michael. You guys have see this. This is all about celebrating the people in places you love. Here's a text. This one right here, I have got -- I'll buy one for your family in Iowa and Florida. Florida is here. All 50 states plus the united States option this. Is great whether a burp cloth, Tippen towel. Everybody loves to celebrate people in places they love. $18 slashed in half, 9 bucks. Like a personalized gift. Yes, okay, I'll give each one of you this. Are you sure you want to give herring. Take that sharp cap off. This is a cork pop. I'm not joking. Straight into the middle of that cork. I don't joke around with this. All the way down. All the way down. All the way down. Push the magic button. Pop that right here. Oop. Here's what it did. No pulling, pushing, tugging. No broken corks. The most awesome way to open a wine bottle. Really cool. Normally $26 slashed in half, $13. 13 bucks. Well, you know, we partnered with all of these companies on these great deals that Tory brought us this morning. Get them on our website and good news, for our audience. You're going home with products from pudus and cork pops. That's right.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Tory Johnson is back with exclusive discounts on items for “GMA” viewers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67035735","title":"‘GMA’ Deals and Steals for holiday gifts for $20 or less","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-holiday-gifts-20-67035735"}