‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on kitchen favorites and gifts to entertain the whole family

Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers.
7:40 | 12/03/20

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Transcript for ‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on kitchen favorites and gifts to entertain the whole family
Time now for our two-day "Deals & steals" gift extravaganza. Tory Johnson is kicking it off with kitchen favorites. All you have to do is point your cell phone camera at that qr code on the screen to find them. Good morning to you, Tory. And we're going to start with this revolutionary wine purifier. What yougot? Yes, good morning, Michael. This is Ullo, it is the easiest way to enjoy a pure wine experience. It's a teeny little smart device that sits on top of any wine got let or could go on top of a decanter as they show there and you just pour the wine right in. There's nothing complicated about this. The purifier removes the sulfites and alsoary rates it to bring it to its natural state and their decanter combo helps to bring back kind of the time honored tradition of decanting so a couple of good options from this company. All 50% off starting at $40. That's a great deal. So easy, I could do it. Here we go. Want to spice your kitchen up. You have colorful knives for us. We do. So one of the finest names in kitchen cutlery is Zwilling and we have this great color block knife set and what's great is this is just kind of color that's inspired by fruits so it adds a pop of cool factor to your kitchen instantly then you get some great tools with it. Three knives, some shears and a sharpening steel so you'll wind up putting everything to good today it's $90 and free shipping. We love free shipping and these aren't your ordinary pans. What sets these apart? So green pan is known for its healthy ceramic nonstick cookware. They are one of the leading authorities in this space. Easy to clean, easy to use, we've got a variety of sizes of frying pans. Can't go wrong with them. They won't emit harmful fumes so it's a great option depending on what you need to add to a kitchen or to gift to somebody. Today 50% off so the single to sets ranks from 25 to $50. Most think you feed a green thumb to grow a garden. This is an indoor veggie garden. Hamama started by two students who met at mit and engineered a fail-proof way for to us grow greens without a green thumb. A week ago I called Billy backstage at "Gma" and asked him if he would set one of these up for me. I think he panicked for a second when he realized all he had to do was add water. Billy can do anything and voila, one week later you've got what is sitting in front of you so you can grow micro greens great for salad, smoothies, lunch or dinner, ready in a flash. All sets are 50% off and start at $19.50. Good job, man. You know, tea makes a great gift, Tory. You have something straight from India? It does. Yeah, vahdam, Oprah's favorite teas. Depending on the type you like there's options from herbal teas to chai teas, options from India's gardens to your cup. I don't know I've ever found packaging prettier. All are slashed in half. $7.50 to $30 then last, Michael, I know I watch all of your cooking Instagrams. This is the powerxl air fryer. This air fryer does a lot. 8 in 1. Air fry, grill, roast, rotisserie, bake, broil. It's the extra large capacity. They make a Virginia violent of sizes, this is the extra large capacity to ago dit families. You'll get lots of accessories. This one slashed in half, $110 and free shipping on this one. We used the air fryer last week and Sofia made sweet potato French fries. Yum. Yum is right. You're not going anywhere. You have more deals coming up in our next hour. We do. You say right there. More coming up for everybody. Going to go to George. Thank you, Michael. We go straight to robin. You have something special to announce this morning on your thriver Thursday. Breaking news, here, the exclusive, thriver Thursday series has been incredibly well received. So thankful for that and resonated with many. Spotlights people who have overcome challenges and in the process have inspired others so M excited to announce that I will be hosting the inaugural thrivership awards where we will honor thrivers and this year we'll celebrate those who have shown great courage and it's been a difficult year, let's face it and thrivers like first responders, we're thankful for them. You are hosting. You have a great lineup as well. I am humbled. We have so many wonderful celebrities who have agreed to join us. Pulling out like dear Evan Hanson star Jordan fisher. Super bowl champion from the Kansas City chiefs, Tyron Matthew, the night kicks off on December 10th, ABC newslive at 9:00 P.M. With a look back at our favorites and the virtual awards tart at 10:00. We cannot wait to honor some deserving meme. I promised Michael Strahan you'll hear it here first. I said you'll hear it hear first. I stole it from you. You were supposed to say it. We will hear it here first. I'll let you two finish. You can come on. I'll go behind. Six feet. Mariah Carey coming right up. Announcer: Tomorrow, wake up with Bebe rexha. And a performance that will make everyone jealous. I'm jealous. Announcer: Bebe rexha tomorrow on "Good morning America." Sponsored by carmax. Good morning.

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74517385","title":"‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on kitchen favorites and gifts to entertain the whole family","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-kitchen-favorites-gifts-entertain-family-74517385"}