‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on tea sets and pancake and waffle mixes

Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers.
2:27 | 06/22/20

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Transcript for ‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on tea sets and pancake and waffle mixes
Time for our small business "Deals & steals." Last week "Gma" viewers purchased 600,000 products from 37 small businesses, many of those businesses had their single best sales day ever. And now Tory Johnson back with two small business deals from women owned companies. Hey, Tory. Hey, George, good morning. Let's brew some magic. That is the message from a cool company called tea drops. It's a Los Angeles based small business that has seen most of its retail partners shut down so they are grateful for the opportunity to sell their dissolvable teas directly to consumers. It's very innovative. They make packages of teas and have so many different varieties, all pretty popular ones, they make tea sprinkles, chocolate and vanilla tea, a chichai iced latte. Women owned because they are extremely proud of that and everything is packaged really beautifully so it is easy for gifting though I think you'll want to keep it for yourself. Everything is 50% off so prices start add $8. Then we're moving on to a fun one. I've got three words for you, best pancakes ever. 40 years ago as a single mom Vicky created this recipe for her four children. It was their favorite meal. These pancakes. Since that time every single person who walked into Vicky's home have demanded her pancakes. A year ago her daughter decided to create a small business to be able to put this pancake mix in all of our hands and it is pretty spectacular because this is not just kind of the boring ordinary just add water mix. This is the real deal. You will get unbelievably flavorful pancakes. They are light, fluffy, golden brown on the edges. Two different types to choose from. The original pack, the variety, George, I wish I was in the studio this morning because I prepared all of these. You guys, I'm feeding this to you vicariously, best pancakes ever. Four pack, $10, it's a 00% savings. I hope we can put this company on the map. They deserve it. Boy, Tory what, time did you get up to cook all those pancakes? Thank you so much. We partnered with all these companies on the great deals. You can get them on our website. We'll be right back with

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71379079","title":"‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on tea sets and pancake and waffle mixes","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-tea-sets-pancake-waffle-mixes-71379079"}