GMA's giant two-day Deals and Steals to help you beat the heat this summer

From clothing to tech to much more, Tory Johnson is back with exclusive discounts on must-have products for "GMA" viewers.
11:50 | 07/17/19

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Transcript for GMA's giant two-day Deals and Steals to help you beat the heat this summer
We're kicking off an epic two-day deals event. We have three innovative products. Let's meet the creator behind them. Shelby and Christy started this company. I took a pair of scissors and cut where I couldn't see the sock and I went to the game and it was the key to comfort. The key to fashion. While the sisters say it wasn't always an easy road, they didn't give up. We've had so many noes and few amazing yeses. We won't quit. Meet aeneas janez, he came up with an easy way to stay clean. When showers go down, you make the best with what you got. His solution, epic wipes. Eco friendly body wipes. And then there's husband and wife, Arnav and shivani. We were a bunch of college kids who did not know if this would work in the real world. If people would want our product. After three failed attempts, they hit gold. We finally got it right. All right. Tory and the creator of these products join us now. This is -- bless you for this. You know, first of all for your service being in Afghanistan. We appreciate that. And you're finding a lot of people are being able to use this. Tell us a little more about your product. Right, so I mean epic wipes are perfect for anyone who wants a head to toe shower on the go. Not just for deployed military personnel. It's also for moms and dads who after yoga or at the gym, kids afr soccer games or -- So one wipe. Right. One wipe and what's awesome that there's no stickiness. A lot of times with wipes it leaves a little sticky residue. There is no sticky residue. Hold that up. Let everybody see the size of the wipe. I tell you, someone else this is great for, we were talking, people who are mobility issues and they rely on someone else to shower them. This allows them to gain back just some of that personal sense of space and that pride of being able to shower themselves. That's what this product does. So it's awesome. Okay. We got a really good deal. We put together a whole bundle so you get a lot of these, depending on the amount you choose normally 50 to $60 per bundle. Today they're slashed in half to 25 to $30 per set depending on what you choose. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. We got a power couple over here. My goodness. So you wanted to be able to be at work and work out. You're finding people really are benefitting from this healthwise. So cubii lets you keep fight while you sit. All of us spend so much time sitting so we pioneered active sitting so cubii helps you improve your mobility and helps with weight loss. Keep fit while you sit. That's so awesome. It's not just when you're at work but other places where you can use it as well watching TV. Right, so you could be sitting on your couch watching TV because it's so low impact on your joints and use it for rehabilitation. The best part, you don't realize you're doing it. I didn't even realize you were doing it. When it's super hot outside this is what you want to be doing inside. You can connect it to their app so you get credit for all of your activity which like I love And hasn't this exploded like Huge. We have a good deal so it will explode more. Normally $149, today it is slashed in half, $174.50 and these guys have thrown in free sheremetyevo. Thank you for that. Thank you. Are you going to keep going throughout this whole segment? Yeah. Okay. Super sisters over here. Yes. That's what I'm talking about. The family is joining in on this. How? It's our parents and sisters and we really found a problem and a solution and every woman needs a pair. Robin, look at this. Show robin that demo. Look at this demo. The very first no she knee shy sock so nobody knows you have a stock on. These are compression so the very first no show compression socks instead of -- Yes. Provides compression. You have that on. Yes. Yes. So nobody knows you have a sock on. Nobody knows that you have it on like that. So many different fabrics. All the sizes and start baby sizes so getting the kids in on the action. It doesn't matter what type of shoe you're wearing? That's the biggest selling point. Any type of shoe as long as you want the comfort of a sock and look of a no show. They got it. Now he. And brought us a really good What is the deal? Normally 10 to $15 per pair. Today these are all slashed in half, 5 to $7.50. Thank you. You might start a style trend like that. I like the leg up like that. I do too. Oh, gosh. That's okay. You can show it. Bless you all. Thank you. Still working out. To your family as well, Tory as well and stick around. We've got more "Deals & steals" that will help you beat the heat. We'll go outside for that. What does real feel like? This summer at SeaWorld Orlando, it feels amazing. Your inner superhero ignites as you plunge down new Infinity Falls, the world's tallest drop. Your eyes grow wide with wonder as you meet furry friends at the new Sesame Street Land. And your heart races as Electric Ocean lights up the night. Don't miss summer at SeaWorld Orlando. Save fifty dollars on select tickets. SeaWorld. Real Feels Amazing. And we just moved in together. Why Alissa and Aleah chose Fios. We stream sooo much. A lot of times Alissa is watching TV on her laptop, using her phone, also using her tablet. I am really good at multitasking Cause I'm awesome. A little. The best internet is even better at our best price. Switch now and get our fastest speeds available. Plus, a free Samsung Chromebook on us. That's Fios. All right. We're back now with a "Gma" consumer alert. As so many families hit the road a new report from aaa concludes that knowing your car's window type could save your life in an emergency. Here's will reeve. Reporter: Watch as a Spokane police officer repeatedly hits this window with his baton trying to save a woman from her burning car. Eventually he makes a hole large enough for an escape but why was the window so hard to crack. We got you. Reporter: There are two main types of glass in a car, laminated and tempered glass. Tempered glass fractures into small pieces in hopes of preventing serious injuries from sharp edges while laminated is two or more panes of glass joined together by a layer of plastic and is harder to break. While most are made of laminated glass government regulations allow side windows to be either. In an emergency situation like this demo, knowing which kind of glass your windows are could be the difference between life and death but it's not something many of us even think about. Do you know what type of glass that is? No, I just bought a truck and I'm driving. I really don't know. Reporter: Physiologist Dr. Gordon giesbric says laminated has some plus. That will decrease the number of people being ejected. Reporter: And some minuses. But then the other problem is if you're ever trapped and need to break a window it's very, very difficult. Reporter: "Gma" teamed up with sergeant Chris lambert to show the difference between the two glasses the we used two popular rescue tools. First up a car with tempered glass and we try the rescue me tool. Look for your target which is going to be the lower corner of the front of the window. The glass instantly shatters just like it's supposed to enabling an easy escape. And next the life hammer. We're alive and able to get out of the car but when we switch to the car with the laminated glass it's a different story. I go for the same corner. None of these tools work on laminated glass. No, they don't. Life hammer did not mention on its website its product does not work on laminated glass, but after "Gma" reached out they added it breaks nonlaminated car glass. Rescue me's website says it only works on tempered glass. The device will work on tempered only not laminated. Important to research what type of glass is in each window so you will know the proper protocol to escape. To show us how to rescue someone with laminated the fire department jumps in with this special saw. But sergeant lambert points out even if your car Haslam natured glass in the front side windows many times the back passenger and rear windows have tempered glass where these devices will work. But experts say the first thing to do is unbuckle your seat belt and try to roll down the window. So how do you know what type of windows you have? In the corner of the window there is a label. If you read it it says that it is laminated. Reporter: Should the type of glass a car has influence whether to purchase it? It shouldn't influence that decision to make the purchase. What it should influence is the way you have established your emergency action plan if the need arises to exit that

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