Great deals on makeup, scented candles and luxury bathing supplies

Tory Johnson shares deals on the products for under $20 on 'GMA.'
3:49 | 10/31/20

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Transcript for Great deals on makeup, scented candles and luxury bathing supplies
Time now for deals and steals you can start trick or treating right now because Tory Johnson is bringing us sensational savings and treats for under. 1 Iraq story good morning to you what's the first street. Good morning dance some hoping that even their help and as a kid let this isn't sure that this is kind of wrapped up his mom visited that saw sales climb it went to travel. Kind of plummeted as well because people use it did you think he's barred. National they're stopped but it. Still perfect to be able to use right now you can hold keys credit card you're can't sanitize or let plus your phone you Nene and go hands free. Best of all six trawlers and to date air twenty dollar. This picture. Concerned that down even just put my wallet and. Forget the problems. Smart girl yeah the issue aren't as Smart and a few things heavier than a soccer mannequin but tell us what's that what's next in terms of treats. So there isn't nothing creepy about this DO these features sauce and they. I'm kind of like almost cost them six. They prevent any kind of plunging slipping blisters all kind of things that annoy S about stocks. There's six different styles for men and women they also happen rate tightening constructions. They're good for moisture waking as well he's just comfortable and 50% off so eight to ten dollars. They look great and next were I would got some body scrubs. So this please call bonds as he hit a family owned company in San Pedro California act and it. It's kind of fees on video luxury candy powered by natural and re against. What I love is that all of these tax help bring a little spot experienced pole which everybody loves. There's great options for X Foley eating a voice rising in the shower they also have great hand sanitizing wipes really good prices this is just a fund company to support they start at. 450. Really cool and that staying in the in the beauty out here we've got some cosmetics. Yeah the eyes have it. We've not every Smart sensible person wearing a mask it puts more focus on I isn't so high priced. Have been very popular this is a great company I hope it's not iconic brands for I am not everything you need for your eyes from its parent to browse shadows in this gag they also have a really cool. Zero wasting half. Packaging which I happen to love about this company. 50% not ten to twelve dollars and sixteen from this Monday and good deal and dead this next item is is candles made out of soil. So I logic what's great about these is that they smelled delicious scene can bring a little heavenly sends into your home. Roasted chestnut cranberry pinellas how many different options from this company all 50% off of thirteen for nineteen dollars and Indiana and ending up I yeah. It's not quite different new bus crash hurt perhaps Eva takes Carol and Michigan may small businesses is one of their brand new cross body bags. Super soft easy on the go to different straps a colorful guitar strap. That actually quit like something that's something a little while well and an eighth at cut as strapped matches and what I love is that slow. Options and they are all twenty dollars so good to treat yourself Kansas. That's 820 dollars is great for a man purse I've always wanted one of these. Thank you Torre it was beautiful I thank ya I don't I can't see you yes I know you look good and highs can be deceiving act Harry we partner with all of these companies on these deals that you can get them on our website Good Morning America that time.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Tory Johnson shares deals on the products for under $20 on 'GMA.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73942075","title":"Great deals on makeup, scented candles and luxury bathing supplies","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/great-deals-makeup-scented-candles-luxury-bathing-supplies-73942075"}