Online shoppers gear up for Cyber Monday

GMA's consumer correspondent Becky Worley shares new deal alerts and items to look out for.
3:09 | 11/25/18

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Transcript for Online shoppers gear up for Cyber Monday
Y yes, big shopping. Go. Do you shop? Sometimes. I have one person I have to get gifts for, my wife. That's an important one. Well, Black Friday is gone. Super Saturday come and gone. It's not too late to catch good deals. It's cyber Monday eve. "Gma's" ace consumer correspondent Becky Worley is here with new deal alerts. Where are the deals today? Today, cyber Monday eve, I haven't heard that one. The deals are all about clothing, shoes and make up. So let's get right to it. Lipstick, I've seen on sale at Macy, little groupings, 30% off. Sales at Ulta, sales at sephora. Then we have clothing. The gap is 50% off everything. Shoes, 50% Aldo shoes. Those blanket discounts, that's what we're seeing. You were talking about percentages there. We're already seeing the signs in the windows too. Black Friday weekend still going. The stores want us out of our house and in the doors. These blanket deals we love the most. Let's get to it. Bed, bath and beyond, 20%. Athleta, athleisure wear, 20% off. The body shop, 50% off. Victoria secret all their bras are 40% off. That will get people off the couch and definitely shopping. Those are expensive. We saw the Victoria secret sherpas. A lot of online retailers are now charging tax. We used to get away with not having to pay tax. There's a change happening. It used to be you only paid sales tax if the online retailer was in the state you lived. The supreme court challenged that. Now we're in a transitional period where some stores are charging sales tax across the board. Some online retailers are doing it and some aren't. I know I said it's cyber month eve. Is there a way to prepare for cyber Monday? There is a way to prepare. It's worth it. According to they compared Thanksgiving and cyber Monday, while Thanksgiving is the best, it's only 3% fewer deals that come out on cyber Monday. Still really good deals. We're looking for the best prices of the entire shopping week on high end and mid range TVs. I saw a laptop that's $999. It's a gaming laptop, high end from Walmart. On Monday that's $200 off. You should start thinking about travel. If you're able to get your dates, book now. 10% to 50% off on airfare, cruises, hotels. Those deals go live at midnight. If you can stay up on the east coast, start shopping before you go to work. Make sure you have good wifi. You have so much information. You do a great job. Thank you very much, Becky. Queen of Black Friday and cyber Monday. Queen of everything.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"GMA's consumer correspondent Becky Worley shares new deal alerts and items to look out for.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59401608","title":"Online shoppers gear up for Cyber Monday","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/online-shoppers-gear-cyber-monday-59401608"}