Saturday is free shipping day with only 11 days left until Christmas

Savvy Shopping correspondent Becky Worley reports from Fed-Ex Distribution Center.
3:00 | 12/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Saturday is free shipping day with only 11 days left until Christmas
Here now with savvy shopping tips. Today is free shipping day and tick-tock, check your watch, only 11 days until Christmas. Time is running out to place those holiday orders online. Our consumer correspondent Becky Worley joins us from a FedEx distribution center in Hayward, California. And, Becky, those boxes are moving. Oh, man, 25,000 packages will be shipped from this FedEx facility this morning alone, and online retailers hope the number goes up. Today they want us to really get our shopping done. Okay, that's right. More than a thousand retailers are participating in free shipping day, and they're offering some serious incentives to get people to make the move and buy these things. That's right. We have reduced shipping minimums. We have free shipping and then I want to start out with electronics. The kindle tablet from Amazon is $39. That's a $10 savings. This price will go up. The instant pot, which has been a surprise hit for gifts this year, it's $59 at target. That's $40 off and, boy, does it make a good pot roast. The hisense TV from Best Buy, $99 for a 32-incher. It is off brand. But you save 50 bucks, and here's a pro tip. Don't buy TVs if it's not a gift until after Christmas because prices go down around the super bowl. Got it. Good information. Let's talk about toys for parents or people who want to buy toys as gifts for relatives. Is it best to buy right now or wait a little bit longer? Whit, toys are tricky. They're cheapest in the days and hours leading up to Christmas but must have toys, buy now. So I want to go through a couple of deals. Target has spend $100, get $25 off. That's great because it's a blanket deal on the whole toy section. Board games, one of my favorites to give, Catan is one of the funnest games to play, and $20 off at Amazon right now, $24. And then this cutie, she's called juno, she's at Walmart for $49 and she's a little shy right now but she is an interactive elephant. Juno, wake up. Mommy is talking to you. Are you there, juno? I promise you she's going to wake up and want to talk a lot. But this one, she's a cutie. Juno, are you in there? 49 bucks at Walmart, whit. Clearly batteries sold separately in the case of juno there. Last category, clothing. Tell us about the big deals there. You know, clothing is another one of those buy after Christmas deals. But if you have to buy it now there are a few deals. Eddie Bauer, 50% off everything. Rei, 40% off of holiday and American eagle, 10% off everything. And, look, juno has woken up. Juno, say hi to whit. Say hi. She's there. Becky Worley, great tips as always. Good talking to you. Thank you so much. Still 11 days left to get the packages in.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Savvy Shopping correspondent Becky Worley reports from Fed-Ex Distribution Center.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67732857","title":"Saturday is free shipping day with only 11 days left until Christmas","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/saturday-free-shipping-day-11-days-left-christmas-67732857"}