It's an '80s/'90s flashback with Debbie Gibson and Nick Lachey

Sara and Keke recall their favorite music moments from Debbie and Nick's past.
4:48 | 11/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for It's an '80s/'90s flashback with Debbie Gibson and Nick Lachey
Where fanning out a major way in taking a back to our favorite is easy ninety's played last. One with iconic hits like only in my dreams were lost in your eyes and the other from 98 degrees with sounds like hardest thing or I deal. And now they're both sharing your expertise from the new reality competition show America's most musical family take a look. You just blended so many styles because. You obviously are real deal jazz musician who has. Really good yeah. Okay. Go back places an order because you were in people's sexiest man alive issue. Have bankrupted tiny Jillian Michaels and his doesn't really not you know. Try to keep it might have a. I didn't know what he's being nice instrument. You know what it nick is the sentiment doesn't Indians. Grow back OK I'm he's I don't know any kind of drove Raduyev I want to throw back a throwback. Right now and have a video to foolish V which and that's what all remember. He's gone. On here and they couldn't I think Patrick's day we thought I was trying to remote I was sitting like my method like I'm gonna think of the saddest thing that's. Ever happen to me my seventeen means. The series without bone like both sticking out of the fact that I have but anyway yeah you will not dare. I. Yes up on the sides Yemeni. And blow dry hands CNN it means I'm honest is saying like your hair looks by eatery you're not leaving has with the hair looking so spy eatery that was turbulent and that you nailed it. The record for the youngest female artist to righty. Produce and perform a billboard top 100 yeah. No I mean I'm taxing more shocked that no and beat the record yet and that's why lover Nickelodeon's focus on like. I'm like let's mentor that and young girl or boy that's gonna do that and empower that Cindy. Do you contact the funny context before that she really empowered me. She said you know what nobody knows how to speak to your generation and especially to the young girls up or buying my music. Better than you and she sat in that conference room. Full of all male executives. And was like I want my daughter to produce this record so it chili number one and me holding that record was like the ultimate validation homework. She's accomplished he cares so much weight when on the judging panel she gives feedback to these. To these young kids because they trust everything that comes out of her mouth because they know he comes from a place of knowledge and experience and she's still killed it probably should just saying. Next no notable yeah. Yeah. At some really bad fashion choices and increase. Activate the good one out. That I haven't and positive little bullet and don't ask them. Part of it is one of the coolest things ever get to do whatever I don't want. Top of the Golden Gate Bridge loans that. My family we just got is that we did a lot of them get deploying. It is swearing. Pack ha I want my experience and they had to with the stars didn't turn absolutely. They have more than yeah.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Sara and Keke recall their favorite music moments from Debbie and Nick's past.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67202530","title":"It's an '80s/'90s flashback with Debbie Gibson and Nick Lachey","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/80s90s-flashback-debbie-gibson-nick-lachey-67202530"}