Amazing teen throws birthday parties for homeless kids

Tanvi Barman is making a difference in her community by giving those less fortunate a chance to celebrate their big day.
7:08 | 10/15/19

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Transcript for Amazing teen throws birthday parties for homeless kids
child when she realized not every kid had the same opportunities she did and she wanted to do something about it. Take a look. Tanvi barman grew up volunteering at a homeless shelter with her parents. During her time there she was shocked to learn that not all kids were able to celebrate their birthdays like she did. Tanvi knew that every child deserved to feel special. She made it her mission to throw a birthday party for kids in need. By 8th grade she was buying cakes, presents to help as many kids celebrate their birthdays as she could manage. Once expenses got to be too much, tanvi came up with a plan. She knew she couldn't continue throwing parties alone so enlisted the help of her community and from there "No birthday left behind" was born. Now her nonprofit works with five shelters in the bay area making sure every kid gets the special day they deserve. Please welcome high school senior tanvi barman. Welcome to the show. I saw you getting a little emotional while you were watching that clip. That was the first time you saw that? Yeah. What made you get emotional? It's crazy to see something I came up with in 8th grade become a reality. It's like a dream come true. How did you come up with the idea to do birthdays originally? When I was about 7 years old, my parents first exposed me to homelessness. They always encouraged my sister and I to do community service, to love all and serve all. They brought us to our local homeless shelter to do service activities, like make sandwiches and serve breakfast. I was very young to do most of those things. I would hang out with the children there. I would help my mom serve the plates, push out the napkins and the utensils. It was a moment in middle school that got me more curious. My birthday party was coming up in the month of September. All kids get really excited about their birthdays. Me six months in advance. My parents were planning another grand lavish party filled with all my friends and family, a face painter, magician, princesses. I was excited telling the children about my birthday party coming up. But the responses I got were pretty blank, unenthusiastic, dull responses. I was really confused why. I was sharing so much excitement about my birthday party. I was wondering about theirs. They weren't really sharing theirs. It was confusing. I went to my parents and asked if they got birthday parties. They didn't know. They explained to me the type of environment these parents are living in. They're already struggling financially to make ends meet. They didn't think a birthday party was on the top of their priority list. You made that a priority and made it happen. What impact do these parties have on the kids? What impact do these parties have on you to be able to do this for them? Everyone loves birthday parties. When I see each and every one of those kids smile, it just makes me so happy. If I can bring one smile to each homeless child, one birthday at a time, then I don't see why not. Was everyone eager to help you though? No. Really? It seems like such a great idea. You would think people would jump all over it. I thought everyone would want to support me. My first year was very challenging. After my first experimental birthday party, my parents said it's going to be hard to fund them. I needed to look out for vendors to support me. I went to my local shopping center door to door and asked them if they could support me monthly with goods and services. They all said no because I was just a kid asking for free things. You know, I wasn't a legit nonprofit. They would ask me questions like do you have an official nonprofit tax I.D.? Are you a 501(c)3 nonprofit? I didn't know what that meant. Me either. That's ridiculous. It didn't stop you. No. My first success was with my local pizza vendor. It was -- he was a foster child growing up. Oh, wow. What's the name of the pizza vendor? Mod pizza. Let's say that out loud. Mod pizza. Is there a specific goal now that you have? Specific goal now for "No birthday left behind." Yeah. I want to see "No birthday left behind" in every shelter across America. We know your parents are here along with your sister. I'm curious as parents how do you feel to see your daughter never gave up? You know, honestly I expected that. I was seeing this 14-year-old go from store to store. That moment when she came back and -- as a family, we brain storm. She came back and said nothing came about it. I'm still going to go back. Her dad was so patient. He would prep her. He would drive her. That stuck me. It was my a-ha moment. She was serious. She wants to do something. We were 200% behind her, all three of us. She's making a difference. She really is. I think every parent hopes that their kids take the lessons that we have to have a kind heart. I look at her and I think it must move you beyond words that you can't teach some of this. You're an example first. Some of this is driven from within. Yes. We know how much work, tanvi, you've done for these kids. We wanted to help out too. We reached out to birthday direct. They are an online birthday supply store. They wanted to donate $10,000 worth of party supplies for "No birthday left behind." There you go. $10,000 worth of products for you courtesy of birthday direct. Thank you so much. Hopefully that helps cover a lot of parties for a lot of kids. I really -- thank you. How do you feel, tanvi? I really think it's possible now. With a national platform like yours I hope this program goes across America. That's what it's about. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you to your parents and your sister. The work you're doing is an inspiration to everyone. We hope everyone is listening out there.

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{"duration":"7:08","description":"Tanvi Barman is making a difference in her community by giving those less fortunate a chance to celebrate their big day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66290765","title":"Amazing teen throws birthday parties for homeless kids","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/amazing-teen-throws-birthday-parties-homeless-kids-66290765"}