Anthony Anderson's big birthday promise to Marsai Martin

He promised Marsai a car, so what does she have in mind?
4:52 | 10/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anthony Anderson's big birthday promise to Marsai Martin
So what happened at trial it was terrible play Jack personally I found it delightful. And wreaking cited upgrades. Gotta watch other little buddy. Okay. Okay. Yeah. You know this artist show but the crew isn't complete without the rest of the cast. Please welcome the kids Marcus scribner my heels brown in Marcie Martin and. Or. On the shelves at these ages right market she enjoyed it fourteen and it marks 810 miles nine what you're nine yeah yeah. Hook me. I don't know how many people actually doing it like thirteen Sweden young owner around ninety right now yeah. As he wanna and yeah. Do you remember those early days on sat in being among the public. Legends like hits. High net images good exciting yeah things actually the other way around once once they showed all yeah. Religion it. Come home to that we had as a cat stuff marts say it did someone ask president of the united what do you wanna be at nine years though she said a legend. Don't know my didn't want. Yeah. Is advanced Bobby Allison that would all this that you get Golan that going on the to pull that these fell back it. Miles of you might say yeah Alice kids on the show. Either he's in rehab. Now yeah. I mean look he's Quran doesn't background IMAX. I so he'll. I mean being hasn't McCain's half time and let's edge not regularly the. I've had more meat. Yeah I must read and recast him yeah. You're nineteen now and we usually does he thought at first apartment I did yeah. If yeah. Allow them all hey we move in silence isn't it's W. Good night. Well and okay. Who never seen are determined to its only. It's my Broadway Archimedes driveway and yeah. You don't what we have are called time to like 545 from a sleeping don't want. If not just my lines in all professional you don't. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I can't drive and yes exactly. Yeah tough topic toughen up his car because Mars say yeah when you a little girl and I heard that Anthony. Had up promise Joseph Clark no hand down you're fifteen now whole game said. When your six dean there could be a big zero. Get wherever. They say that yeah. You're looking out for you Nancy not a surprise mountain. Color than me yes that I think adding no it is doubtful that went to England and look at lord has had no it's and that purple Tesla. Or. I'm glad I got blown out didactic do you live now I'm writing it. She doubted you can't go behind and televisions notebook and I got up I gotta got make you sign that no. Gates gave you got in its documents illegal it's a legal right I was signing Anthony and Missouri is I'd sign yeah. Are. Well. This unfit national television she will get hurt Matt. Purple tests look for her sixteenth mar kettle back. Okay. Yeah. You got to help you. I can't car. Somebody Bob Clarke don't bracket so he's out of the pit. I'm secondly it is going crazy over it still will. Believe me.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"He promised Marsai a car, so what does she have in mind?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66266023","title":"Anthony Anderson's big birthday promise to Marsai Martin","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/anthony-andersons-big-birthday-promise-marsai-martin-66266023"}