How did avocado toast become a thing?

Keke explains how this became a worldwide phenomenon.
3:38 | 01/13/20

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Transcript for How did avocado toast become a thing?
It's time for "You gotta see this." A fad comes along. You ask yourself, hodid this become a thing? We're here to explain just that. Today, we're examining the worldwide phenomenon of avocado toast. Take a look. Toast is so disposable that they give it to you free when you order bacon and eggs. Avocado toast has become one of the most trendy foods in the world. In fact, the #avocadotoast has more than 1.2 million posts on Instagram which is 1.1 million more than me. Who said that? Because I post all the time. This begs the question, how did avocado toast become a thing? One key to the avocado toast phenomenon is that young people love avocados. Avocado! Thanks! And young people are part of what's known as a desirable demographic because they spend money, and avocado toast can cost a lot of money at a restaurant, oftentimes north of $20, which makes sense because of how complicated it is to make with ingredients such as avocado and toast. I mean, what am I, the barefoot contessa? It's been heavily debated whether avocado toast originated in California or Australia, the real east coast versus west coast feud. There are mentions about avocado toast throughout the years in media, such as the 1920 recipe published in San Gabriel, California's, newspaper, "The covina argus," my favorite source for San Gabriel news, instructing its hundreds of readers to mash avocados with a fork and spread it on a small square of hot toast. "The San Francisco chronicle" ran an article in 1927 and the "L.A. Times" mentioning enjoying avocado toast in 1931, marking the first time in recorded history that Hollywood has stolen an idea, wow. But "Taste" magazine, a great publication if you can't get your hands on "The covina argus," claims that the fashion of avocado toast that we know today and for some reason obsessively post on Instagram I mean, we get it. It started in bill's cafe in Sydney, Australia, in 1993 by restaurateur bill Granger. Hey, bill. Granger who had no formal chef training wanted healthy food on his menu for image-conscious Australians who, due to the warm climate, always have their bodies on display. So, was it America or Australia who invented avocado toast? The answer of course is Mexico. Because fun fact -- that's where avocados come from. The origin of avocados was in puebla, Mexico, and it likely preceded avocado on toasted bread. Cultural appropriation, trendy and delicious. Still, nobody in the U.S. Was talking about avocado toast ten years ago, so what happened? Well, avocado toast didn't really become a thing until one person, the tastemaker of all tastemakers, made it a thing. Gwyneth paltrow. Yes, avocado toast finally gained widespread notoriety when Gwyneth paltrow plugged in it her 2013 cookbook, "It's all good." And then the switchboards lit up. Avocado toast, can I help you? Avocado toast, please hold. Gwyneth compared avocado toast to your favorite pair of jeans. Disclaimer, avocado toast should not be used as jeans. Don't make the same mistake I made. And there you have it. Thanks to Gwyneth and Mexico, hey y'all, and kind of Australia and America, we have the most trendiest, most delicious, kind of healthy, absurdly simple food combo of the decade. And that's how avocado toast became a thing. Get into it. If you ever wondered how something began a thing, hit us up on Instagram. Using the #sskhowisthisathing

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Keke explains how this became a worldwide phenomenon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68249813","title":"How did avocado toast become a thing?","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/avocado-toast-thing-68249813"}