Bachelor Breakdown: Hometown dates, Peter's ex drama and more

Bachelor Nation favorites Wells Adams and Derek Peth recap everything that went down this week.
10:41 | 02/18/20

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Transcript for Bachelor Breakdown: Hometown dates, Peter's ex drama and more
And that means it's time for our bachelor breakdown last night Peter continued his journey to find love with for eligible bachelorette is. Here to talk us through dollar bachelor nation stars wells Adams and gear and. OK. Well. Questions were just discussing. What would you think of a woman proposing. T oh yeah. Well like I wish had it happen to save a lot of money that ring I. What are you seeing if Sarah had proposed to you. Adam and I've been off all about it I think cash. Crowd like an estate in Asia absolutely for me I wanted to be the one that did it. First so but I would be toll fine with that familiar yet I don't I think I would never. Think about ballot don't be the plan necessarily but if it happens I wouldn't be. Mad we should be willing employer and your other matters what you hope that in parts of the moment. Can't take any too early if I were. Kelly ever tell us like I'm dear now that we have you know we'll need a little upbeat lie in your relationship static X. I am currently single hole. Well. That's really why we invite you yeah let everyone know that. My husband Tyler said he was single is on to bigger. I would then they're fighting about this I'm gonna do about that. We don't want to get into the last night's yeah I bet they're watching that boy that I get frustrated OK we have good hometown its new blood first. So how do you guys think that way. I thought it was funny that Hannah got close to Tennessee owns and harassing him he. We hadn't heard it before and all of a sudden here she is live with the southern accent. My favorite thing in the note that Peter wrote to her was. I like the way you wrap your legs around me when we hug. And that was on the no item I know I am positive I really do. And I wanted to do you know what I noticed that every grammar girl actually had him best those Perez. I believe in Vatican. General until I get exceed its bachelor I guess you have to be able they do that now. So what do you what do you think about it handed in his hometown I thought it was I thought it was pretty normal I thought that dad who was going to be an. Much worse than he really was I thought he was pretty chill. I liked what he had to finally just about as well what do you think about what exactly had that initial clip clearly fully discuss it. I'm actually. Hopefully the teller's name. There's and thought about whether. And I don't want her to have any doubt about that. And I want a letter down there I'd rather you not say that to hurt and machine. Truly mean. And I'm sincere when I say that. Do not say that word to her and issue an issue whole heartedly and that's what you mean that's what you're gonna do. Don't eat only store. CE and yeah. The would you was saying hands with everybody announces on the shelves sometime but I'm folly I was starting it would just tell you when you keep thinking yeah. You know. I can't Wii and. It's irrelevant to me you know ambassadors been tabled. You know manage this and he's kind of in charge and then he needs the parents and all of a sudden they're like. That's not how this goes yeah I noted that good candidate for the over stepping on best mark. I think that's normal pairing that's good parents who expects. Hey I felt good about that I think you know eaten. That that expectation is that all the dads are gonna be so angry that this guy's coming into the television crew and news leaks and three other Borough guarantee exactly and I thought that he was pretty rational and I thought what he said was was good dad stuff. We've seen what you did if you weren't that situation and he said that would you think again about whether you were gonna say that are not because he kind of I think he's saying. Are you gonna pick currently require you saying it if you don't right. I think Peter did that you saw him be thoughtful and see he's still said it. Hand in hand still around you know so. I think it is indeed he can't win a whole situation romanticize like you see it filed running back to reality yeah man plus the cameras and all it is not daughter the girl in front. I beat you know outline even Dayton a daughter and I'm like okay EL out his vision. How would know Joseph yeah Gomez and hip we'll did on Peter actually went to Derek nice home state of its I had a lot of yes. What was your impression of that date with Kelsey I didn't know that Iowa was the wind Mecca of these United States. Yeah. And they must I have definitely Iowa why didn't I mean where even let me hide. And as we now under. Yeah. Not alive and haven't had no I want him before into the communities in the corner and pigs really you know. Too predictable and beta Madison Madison without mixing what you got big about the tablet Madison. Well some. Com I just feel bad for pier because he's horrible basketball and they keep making and he last real man's. You know and another court date in time he's had a dribble a basketball and he's looked bad both time so that. Abbas on the corner is good for us to see what. Women can be better than that exports to right. Okay. They'll find interest and each other's knowledge in a muscular anything to him he finds it fun and play for and that speaks their relationship a lot of things. Last week we talked about Peter and Victoria's tumultuous relationship. And they didn't let us down this week it all started when Peter bumped into one of his ex girlfriends before we talk about them Eagles just cut. They're great guys and I don't think he. You deserve layered. My. He knows her and if opponents say this do because again I'm in New York stupid person. Deserve. There's been many relationships broken out because apparently. Out west. They went tomorrow. It's not all of what Sheen looking out for Peter did you think this was not her little. OK so I think there's two ways you can look at this right Mike no the ex girl from the kind of wants to get back in with that now famous bachelor. I can see that. OK bottom. Aurora concede if someone who's concerned didn't is channel look out form I mean here's a thing I think we're all thinking. Bad about her right like Peter rotten daddy here. Dan Doughty and says she's trying to given kind of that bad knowledge in GN and she's all of us young. Yeah think you are you have to say though if there is no pictures of her being excited about being on TV. Oh on social media issues like next to the monitor cell. It makes me question from our attention in Bloomington right now. And yeah if you on the so you're cut about being on TV here outside a safe what I look at this not somebody who was trying to get back with him yeah I looked at if someone trying to get back back her. Yes oh yeah. Able all of the oval where out of context and a white woman who. Johnson what does she know what the religious kid because she. Asked him he had no answers because he had no context then yeah I do good thing I'm sure I have. Yeah. Victoria and he and I mean just take a look at the man hello how well. Our children. I'm disaster for the church mullah doesn't matter and my impairment and seducing an abundance you look really just came in here attack might hate getting. Excuse me I literally this is Iwuh. I just walked appear I didn't accuse you of anything I simply told you what it happened because I would estimate my Stanley and I and year old decided that. What Marisa college you is more important than needing my entire him. Why is this I don't know I am wiring is being here right now but I going to be completely realistic are now I. I do you think so it does not that's not a incentives are they can't give us. And lightning can I'm so serious. And I'm not a lot of handwriting. You know I don't like well I choose not to carry out more control and is an aerial view I'm already what do you that's the end they weren't communicating in. I see that deflection yeah go. Guilty you know yeah yes you're gonna answer the questions at all and you're just gonna pretend like. Oh yourself thank you write it how could you ask me that OK you're good yeah when he goes excuse that. And she goes. Excuse me. Why didn't go alone. Related news. Well let me break. And left some how how we see this season like rat enough. By the way I want to remind you guys member last week that I said that the blonde was willing I'll go and rescue money I would nailed down and I hate your diet healthy. Yeah. Nobody in the. What we haven't seen as we hear about Madison speak but she has not had really long conversations with Peter we hear them all on confession cans yeah so as an audience I think we know more than peered at us. Interesting I think is really crazy it looks like they're gonna all be in the same house which they never do so much and rock he asks another alioto or city sit back. How does it's OK yeah year. Then ended him this week see you guys underneath you saw my. Or. I don't well is joining us all bachelor season long break down the episodes for at every Tuesday so be sure to tune in again next week.

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{"duration":"10:41","description":"Bachelor Nation favorites Wells Adams and Derek Peth recap everything that went down this week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69049605","title":"Bachelor Breakdown: Hometown dates, Peter's ex drama and more","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/bachelor-breakdown-hometown-dates-peters-drama-69049605"}